Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Shot Small.

Headed out for another shoot this evening hoping to record some color in the sky (NOT!) behind an S curved street lined with tree lighting. This is what I ended up shooting.

My favorite of the few shots I took tonight. Typically I am not a fan of color but this color and the selection focus makes the photo for me.


Old chollas are still pretty.

Jerry Jones of ShadowCreations has his best textures (for photomontage) on another website. If you follow the link you’ll find his Entropy Texture Sets. I used Entrophy-2 blended with this old piece of cholla cactus Yogi liked when we were in Joshua Tree.

Two photos blended together.

Tomorrow I’m off to the ADZPCTKO weekend at Lake Morena. Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail kickoff. I will be camping and if I have reception I’ll post some Iphone photos.

Have a great weekend.



Enjoyed a more relaxed, viewing of Zach Arias’ One Light DVD today. I was relaxed because happily I’ve learned enough to be able to make sense of what Zach is teaching on the DVD. I’d bought this One Light DVD last year and remember having felt quite overwhelmed with all the new terminology and techniques, even on the second viewing of the DVD months later. I’m making headway, little by little.

Practiced a bit with flash outside shooting some flowers today.

I sure wish I had some models though. Hint, hint. And a studio. Oh, and a 60″ umbrella, a 28″ Softbox, Pocket Wizards and another 580EX Speedlite too.

I could always buy a mannequin to shoot. This is probably a better idea than having a live model as I’d drive a “live” model crazy while trying to figure out lighting. Much like I’m probably driving Ray crazy, shooting him on the couch while we’re in the TV room, supposedly watching TV. “Smile Ray.” “Look this way Ray.” “Open your eyes more Ray.” Ray is good for about 10 shots before he says, “That’s enough.” Followed by, “You’re not going to put these shots on the internet, right?”


Scare of ALL scares today.

Yesterday I downloaded the new Adobe Lightroom 3 Beta photo software. I presently use Adobe Lightroom 2.5 and was curious to learn more about this upcoming new version. I thought I’d get a head start on learning about what’s new from a Lightroom 3 Beta tutorial by Matt Klowskoski.

I fumbled around in the new Beta version, sometimes mindlessly, not remembering what I’d done. This morning I went to upload some morning shoot photos and Lightroom showed none of the 39,000 photos normally located on the external D drive where I store all my photos. Hmmm. That’s weird I thought.

I left Lightroom and looked inside the actual external D drive. The 1 Terrabyte drive read I had 680 gigs left. I opened the drive and gasped. There were NO photos. Then I looked inside my external G drive that backs up this D drive every night. Oh no, the G drive was also showing empty….No photos! I noticed this at 8:55am this morning. At 9:00am I had someone coming over to do stepwork for 3.5 hours. Needless to say I was not very centered to put it mildly. Canceling the 9:00am appointment was not an option.

Patience is not my long suit. Living with unresolved issues is more than difficult. I called Justin, my computer guru, and begged him to come over even though he said he didn’t have time today. He said that he’d come at the end of his day after telling him I’d go crazy if he didn’t.

Connie arrived and I told her I needed a moment to get myself centered, that I believe I possibly lost every digital photo I’ve ever taken. I amazed myself by making the choice to turn all my attention over to Connie and my time together.

Justin showed up later this afternoon and I now have all my photos on the D drive and they are backed up on the second drive too.

What happened? Who knows but somehow the D drive was showing no photos when the G drive backed itself up following the programmed directions to delete all deletions. So somehow the G drive read that everything was deleted. Was any of this due to the Beta version I installed? Who knows. But it is uninstalled now. I’ll wait until they release the real Adobe Lightroom 3.

Justin had unplugged the D drive when he first arrived and later plugged it in again, only to find that all the photos were now showing up. Crazy. Don’t understand it.

Now the second drive is set to never delete anything that is deleted on the first drive.

Before all this happened this morning I’d just shot some photos and finally, here they are.

Looking for faces; found this.

Looking for faces; found a head.

While looking through the lens for something interesting, I spotted this piece of bark on our lemon tree.

Bark of a lemon tree.

Bark of a lemon tree.


Patio grabs.

I picked my camera up and went outside. That’s it.

Here’s the proof.

As an asisde – While I’m blogging, I get to decide what size a photo will be in these posts. I’ve noticed a pattern in the photo sizes I decide to use. Smaller sizes mean I’m not particularly thrilled with my shots and larger sized posted photos mean I like them better.

Cactus trapped leaf.

Cactus trapped leaf.

Front patio small blooming buds.

Front patio small blooming buds.

Cactus threads outside the front door.

Cactus threads outside the front door.

Off to LA again tomorrow.


An a.m. walk around the golf course photo.

My photography teacher, Carol Leigh, posted a photo she took of a boy on the beach on her blog dated July 31, 2009. If you follow the link and read what she wrote, you’ll see what bothers me with this kinda cool photo below.

In my photo below, I wish I’d changed the angle of capture so that the cactus (see blog amendment below to correct succulent name to agave, not cactus) point on the right didn’t blend in with the dark background. Another thing I noticed when I zoomed in is that the front left cactus point isn’t in focus and that is where I intended the focus to be rather than where it is on the right rear point.

Hey, I’m happy I notice such things lately.

Another student of Carol Leigh’s, Lori, has a wonderful portfolio of cactus photos on her site. I thought of Lori this morning and wished I could have picked her brain on how to shoot this shot.

And I just have to post this way too funny photo of Connie’s mode of transportation these days.

Connie driving Tony to her car, 20 yards away, following the woman’s meeting last night.

Blog entry amended 8/16/09.
I received an email from a friend who helped me see that what I had photographed was not a cactus. I was told..”you called your agaves “cactus”… grrrrrr…… they’re both succulents, but agaves aren’t cactus, and vice versa! Grrrrr…… you know how protective I am of my agaves, so be careful not to besmirch their reputation! >;-}”

I apologize and stand corrected!


Patio cactus photo after sun dropped behind the mountains.

I actually sat down for 15 minutes and generated a prioritized daily task list in my prettier than Stacy’s new 2009 Franklin Covey Planner. I am not familiar with the FC system but I do know what putting an arrow in a box next to a task means. That’s shorthand for procrastinator, avoider and overall liar.
Sorry Lane and Josh. Sorry LR. I even put an A1 by both tasks indicating their importance. I recently learned Franklin Covey planners use the 123 and ABC system for prioritizing tasks. A= more important than B etc, and 1 = more important than 2 etc. I see a pattern.

I started in on attempting to fill out the Wachovia authorization for the automated program to transfer funds between designated banks. I have been meaning to do this for months. I got to a point where I didn’t understand something. Before I knew it, after repeated phone calls and email responses, I couldn’t get back to the tasks at hand. I had started these tasks after lunch, the first free time I had today, and somehow the day slipped away. Again. I feel so ashamed and guilty. There are so many things I haven’t gotten to lately. Getting back to the pattern I see……I use answering the phone as an excuse so I don’t have to do what I find difficult to do. The problem is, I’ve used this excuse too many times on setting up the auto deducts for Lane, Josh and an auto deduct I need to set up with LR’s bank for our home account. I need to take care of these tasks for my sanity, my son’s pocketbook and trust and so Ray can pay some of our bills.

Tomorrow I’ve got a full day too. Then Thursday we leave to go in to LA at 8am and won’t return until 11:30 pm. So I have to find time tomorrow to get these tasks all done. Its midnight now. I haven’t written out my food to send to Xochitl, I haven’t brushed my teeth, taken my pills, or written my daily gratitude list.
I’m writing myself in to overwhelm here.

On to what was the posted photo is about. I stole 15 minutes to run out with my small camera to have a daily photo for this blog (blogging was also on my task list) before the sun set behind the mountain range. I was rushing the clock to find a photo just outside the front door. I took about 15 shots. This shot of the cactus was the best of the lot. I’m holding the camera straight above the cactus shooting down.

Off to bed. Hopefully this post will make me accountable.