Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Atypical Hilltop Views.

A very different feel on our hike this morning.

A very different feel on our hike this morning.

And here comes the sun.

And here comes the sun.


Sunday Night Bump & Grind Hikes Rule!

Jen and I took the left steeper trail up the B&G.

Jen climbed up this steep rocky hill to be in this shot.

We ran into Mike and Henry.

Then we ran into one of Jen’s students and his sister. They were sports and willingly posed for me.

We started the hike after 5pm knowing we’d be coming down in the dark.

No clouds but the pastel sky was enough to elicit lots of ews and ahhs.

Gotta love high ISO’s.
ISO 2500, 1/40 sec @ f/2.8.


Sunday 5:00pm Bump & Grind Hikes Rule!

Hiking the Bump & Grind with Mary Kay and Jen late this afternoon.

Mary Kay. Trying for back-lit shots.

Next up is the high jumper. Who else could jump this high but Jen.

Sun down below SJ makes for some nice light on Mary Kay.

Just learned how to set up AI Servo and One Shot which I hope will help me get more action shots in focus.

Hiking back down the B&G the distent San Jacinto peaks were awash with light.

Jen taking a photo of Palm Desert just before we reached the end of our hike. Mary Kay was very patient with Jen and me stopping to shoot throughout our hike.

Bracketed and HDR shot processed in Nik HDR Pro 2 looking out over Palm Desert, CA.


Quick Decision To Hike Tonight, Was A Good One.

Pretty Mary Kay allowing Jen and me to shoot her while on our evening bump & grind hike.

Shooting Mary Kay for a back lighting assignment.

Jen giving us lots of love.

And because I believe it is the first day of fall, the sunset finally has color again:-)


Missing time with my camera.

At the end of our morning hike the sun was just rising above the horizon. Need to submit some backlit shots for Lesson 3. Jen had to get home and get ready for work so it was a one shot take.


Sunday Evening 100 Degrees Bump & Grind Hike.

Back on the Bump & Grind with Mary Kay and Jen for an evening hike.

Quickly tried to capture this dirt biker speeding by us.

Mary Kay walked away from Jen and me while we were trying to photograph some bushes and placed herself on a rock down the trail. Jen and I couldn’t get there fast enough to photograph Mary Kay. Could have have more photos except MK noticed a bee hive directly below her.


Morning Hike Shots.

Going out to shoot around 5:30pm…..maybe in downtown Palm Springs….where things aren’t quite so vanilla.

Both photos exported from Adboe Lightroom 4 to PhotoFXlab using Topaz Adjust 5 treatments.

What would a day be without my signature shadow shot.

Jennifer pretending to show me some shots on her LCD.


And There Were Four.

So, getting people to pose…..meaning coming up with ideas and giving people direction….is NOT my long suit. I stand around asking for ideas. The person/people stand around going, “Uh, I don’t know…..”. We get no where. I get impatient. They react to my impatience. Finally, probably out of wanting my camera out of their face, they come up with something. I’m happy. I put the camera away. Then, they are not happy, but relieved. Help. I wish I knew how to visualize, conceptualize, ideas for posing.

Thanks Jen, for breaking the ice with your very out of character question.
Thanks Melissa, for getting down (even though you have sore knees) and creating lines with your poles.

Jeeze, finally it happened!

Happy Pants, Just Kidding and Reagan.


Why I Wake At 4:15am To Hike At 5:30am.

The older I am the more quiet time I need before I head out the door. Ray is the same way.

Cropped shot of Jen as we started out on this morning’s hike.

Hoping for better and better sun rays we stayed waiting quite a while. Took this photo into Color Efex Pro 4 and the preset Detail Extractor. The sun rays become more visual in this edited version.

Jen spotted these clouds above our trail as the sun broke the horizon.


Double Exercise Day.

Morning bump & grind with Jen.

Jen comes over to swim in the MHCC pool and tonight I joined her.

Trees that border the south side of the pool.