Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Last Mexico City Camera Card – Favorites

I’m not sure yet how many photos I shot while visiting my sister Ginny and her husband Walid in Mexico City. These photos were from the last card I’d had in my camera, filled with over 500 photos. I believe I also two other full 32 and 16 gig cards.

Chapultepec Park. I almost got my face painted too.

In Xochimilco on the gondolas.

Flight from Mexico City to Phoenix.

Leaving Mexico City.

Approaching Phoenix.

Landing over Phoenix.

Baby in Phoenix airport. Parents said their baby is very used to having a camera in her face.


Noah today, and 4 days short of 2 months ago.

Not much time with my camera today, but since I always have the compact camera, I couldn’t resist taking this photo of Baby Noah who is brought to our Wednesday JTBP meeting every week by his parents, Cynthia and Dusty.

Noah is the most beautiful, well behaved baby I’ve ever been around. I have a very special attachment to Noah as Cynthia asked me to be with her husband and Sandi in the delivery room where I shot zillions of photos throughout the day and during Noah’s birth. Photos from Noah’s birth are viewable here. Be forewarned if you are squeamish. And yes, I did get permission post these photos.

Baby Noah, now almost 2 months old.