Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

2013 Lake Cachulla Triathlon.

Waiting for Jen to pick me up this morning, I couldn’t believe I wasn’t out hiking for this sunrise!

Unbelievable color this morning.

Unbelievable color this morning.

My friend Ann and her boyfriend Rob ran the Lake Cachulla Triathlon today. Ann ran this Tri last year too. Today she bettered her time and Rob came in first in his division and 3rd OVERALL!!!

I’ve uploaded 200 Triathlon photos to my Portfolio website. Click here to view photos. Click on Slideshow after following the link to see the photos full screen.

Jen and I went out and photographed the swimming and biking portions, focusing on Ann and Rob, of course.

Rob and Ann. Congrats to you both!

Rob and Ann. Congrats to you both!


Missing Ann.

Jen and Ann a while back, before Ann moved to LA. We miss you Ann!

Art came to work for me Thursday. Finally, I say finally, photos of mine, from 6 years’ of recovered hard drive crashes (more than one) have some semblance of organization thanks to Art and his genius in so many ways but especially in techie trouble shooting, organization and photography. Ten hours of non stop work. He found a great piece of software to help detect duplicate photos called TidyUp.

In 16 days I have to be all packed up, gear and food resupplies, as Ray will be driving Just Kidding and Eric, Jen and me to the Mexican/California border to begin our backpack north along 151 miles of the PCT from Campo to Pines to Palms/Hwy 74 (above our home), on the same day, 2 hours after my Palm Springs Photo Festival, Portraiture Workshop with Andrew MacPherson ends. For this Workshop the attendees, that’ me, have to bring 5 – 10 portrait photos for critique! What is a portrait anyway? Just looked it up: por·trait/?pôrtr?t/
A painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person.
A representation or impression of someone or something in language or on film.

Does this photo qualify as a portrait? I think tomorrow I’ll post some portraits I’ve been considering showing for critique and maybe you’ll help me decide on which to submit.

Tomorrow morning I was going to lead members of the MHCC Hiking Club on a hike up Hwy 74/Pines to Palms in the San Jacinto Mountains on the PCT but we are expecting high winds and rain, so instead, I will be leading those who show up on a hike here in the desert. If it rains, I’ll be carrying my backpack and can just pull out the rain gear and pack cover.


A Sports Kind of Day.

Lake Cahuilla, where the Triathlon was held that Ann raced in this morning.

Early this morning Jen and I both drove out to support/photograph Ann in her Olympic Triathlon at Lake Cahuilla. Ann came in under 3 hours!!!! I posted lots of photos of Ann in the race on FB.

Following the Triathlon, Jen and I came back to my house where Melissa and Eric were waiting for us. All four of us met to go over our gear and clothing for an April 6th PCT backpack from Campo to Hwy 74, departing April 6th.

Here's Melissa on the floor with her gear/clothing and some of mine I found in her pack.


Jumping As An Attitude Adjuster.

It's Wednesday and we are at it again. Jen's mood was significantly altered following the fun she had repeatedly jumping in the air with Ann.


Tina made the 5:45am hike!!!!

Beginning photo from this morning's hike. Tina, Ann and Jen. Tina was in the desert with her mom visiting her mom's friends.

Nothing pleases me more than seeing the girls have fun with each other. Tina and Jen.

These photo jumping sessions on our hikes are definitely attitude adjusting. We laugh so hard. At one point I wanted Tina to jump high like Jen. Tina tried. Later in the hike I happened to mention that Jen was a gymnast. Tina quickly turned back to me and said, "Jen was a gymnast and you wanted me to jump as high as Jen?"


Happy Halloween scary? shots.

On our hike………

Even though there had recently been discussion about our hikes taking longer than usual due to an increase in my photo taking, at a point on this morning’s hike, Jen and I both thought we’d like to take 5 minutes for a couple of staged photos with the morning red sky looking so pretty. We wanted the shoot to be brief, ie: quick, so as not to make our hike end up taking too long so Jen can get to work on time.

I say, “Ok but let’s quickly think of something different to do in the shot setup. I’m tired of the shots we’ve been taking lately.”

We talked about today being Halloween and came up with the idea of doing a scary shot where one person is strangling the other. Sounded ok I guess. (All the while my head is thinking about what others would think seeing, yes, another shot of Jen and Ann, on our hike, using the same setup, with the same silly poses (that I love, but I’m sure others are rolling their eyes in the back of their heads saying, “There they go again.”).

With no time to do much, I try to direct their positions, their characters, etc.
“Open your mouth, give me your profiles, and let’s see some action.”
“Look like you mean it.”
“Stop thinking about how you are going to look and get in touch with the character you are portraying.”
“No, you’re smiling. “(I’m a mean director.)

All the while trying to gain focus in the dark.
Trying to keep only half of the on-camera flash from firing. (holding my finger horizontally over the lower part of the flash, hoping to stop the flash from lighting the ground, only lighting the girls from their ankles upward.)

Anyway, I shot about 7 frames and say, “That’s good.”

Later in our hike after Jen and Ann had been sharing some behind the scenes thinking, driven by pride, that needed to be discussed to clear away some misunderstanding during our hike, I shared some of my secretive prideful thinking after I viewed the photos we’d taken.

Here it goes:
Some of the people that follow my blog are REAL photographers.
They’re going to see these photos and see all the light spilling on the ground where it shouldn’t be spilling.
They’re going to realize I was shooting with on-camera flash. On NO!
They’re going to comment on why I didn’t angle the camera down more and include more in the lower third of the photo.
Why does she keep shooting the same shot over and over again.
And I could go on and on with what my head says.

Truth be told I’ve been reading a book that David duChemin recommended titled, The Passionate Photographer. Ten Steps Toward Becoming Great by Steve Simon.
On p. 28, in trying to determine your artist statement, Simon writes, “If you haven’t come up with your own artist statement yet, take some time and find a quiet place for a brainstorming session with yourself. Jot down the common adjectives that describe why you like to shoot with your camera and why. These words will give you the skeleton of an artist statement, which will evolve over time.”

I am evolving over time and having fun with my camera. Learning how to have fun and not worry what others think has been a 21 year long journey.

Why do I keep shooting the girls? Because it’s fun. It makes me happy that they are happy posing, and later happy seeing themselves in the photo. Making others happy, makes me happy, is fun.

Why do I have such a love of photography? Because it’s fun for me.

Too much laughter for a serious shot:-)

Much better acting!


Ann’s birthday at the Beach House yogurt place.

Jen, Melissa, Jessica and Ann.

iPhone photo


A day in LA.

Lots of laughs with Stacy and Ann today.

Stacy and Ann in Borders.

Needs no caption!

Stacy likes to get ME.


A walk before driving to LA.

Carol spotted this egret on our walk around Mission Hills CC in the misting rain.

Ann and Ray at Borders in LA this afternoon.

Both photos were shot with my new Nikon CoolPix P7000. The first photo was captured using ISO 400. The second using ISO 800. Won’t be using these high ISO’s anymore. Noise galore!



Sitting in Starbuck's when the light made me pick up my camera. Isn't Ann pretty?