Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

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This big guy has no fear. None at all. I was standing 3 feet away from him.

Actually, he knows what he wants and isn’t too proud to beg, which he does all the time. And, I am a sucker. He gets what he wants from me, and Ray too.

"Come on.....I don't care how full my jowels look, I really am still hungry."

"Come on.....I don't care how full my jowls look, I really am still hungry."


Morning Breakfast.

Guess who came for breakfast this morning, a wee bit earlier than yesterday morning, and a lot more visible and he even stayed for a longer visit.

I got such a high from Mr. Bear’s visit I could not hold my camera steady, I used the video vertically rather than horizontally, I asked Ray to use my small camera to get shots of the bear but he said, “You’re using the small camera!” Oops. I switched from video on the small camera to photo taking, took a photo through the glass door with the flash on. I made a mess. I certainly lost my cool. Needless to say I didn’t get any great shots. But you can see that it’s a bear.

I tried opening the door to get to get a shot without glass in front of the bear. The bear eating out of the birdfeeder, noticed the second I opened the sliding glass door just a bit. I stopped opening the door, mind you the bear is less than 3 feet away from me, until the bear starting eating the seed again. Each time I quietly slide the door open an inch the bear stopped eating and looked directly at me. He was afraid of me.

Ray, quietly seated 2 feet from me at the door (probably he was standing in front of his seat) must have thought I was crazy. But he didn’t say anything. Finally the bear had enough of me trying to capture a good bear photo and split….down the tree, faster than I could have ever imagined he could have gotten down. I ran out on the wet porch with Ray but the bear was walking away and I lost my opportunity to get a good bear photo.

But I have proof there was a bear coming for breakfast. He was a half an hour later than yesterday morning. Now that I know he is making this visit a regular practice I will make sure I have my large and small cameras ready for that one great bear capture.

Hey bear.

Hey bear.

So little but so big.

So little but so big.


Sleepy? Tired? Need a burst of energy? Click on this link.


How the hell did someone capture this fantastic happening?

Thanks to Carol D for sending me this link.


Interesting bear warning sign.

(Click photo to enlarge for easier reading.)

This .jpg was sent to me by my hiking partner. We will be hiking in grizzly territory mid July!

Thanks for the reminder to buy some pepper spray Commander!


Mammoth photos.

Tina came up to visit us in Mammoth the last three days. The photos below were taken today.
Miss proper hiker on our morning hike.

Cute Tina.

Pretty lake on our morning hike.

Tina left to go home after our morning hike, but as she was loading up her car she came back to the cabin screaming, “Bear, come, come see the bear.”
I put my shoes on, changed to a telephoto lens on my Canon 40D and ran out to the lake where the bear had been swimming! I missed him swimming, but ran in the direction he’d taken off. When I found the bear he was checking out some cabins.

But then I guess he wanted to go for another swim as he headed back down by the lake. I followed him.

I guess I followed him a bit too closely as he turned back in my direction. He looked as startled as I was when I clicked this photo off. I stepped aside to give him room and he ran by me…..thank goodness. Ray had been watching me from the cabin while he was on the phone. He ran down to the lake when he noticed the bear and I were only a few feet away from each other.


Photos from Woods Lodge during Week One in Mammoth.

I’m in a Starbucks in Mammoth and have my computer with me (of course), so thought I’d post a few photos. We are having the time of our lives up here.

View from our apartment over Woods Lodge of Crystal Crag, Mammoth Crest and Ducks Pass to the left. We stay in this very small, one room, apartment the first week. We love the view but find living in one room a bit confining. Don’t get me wrong, we still love being here.

Ray took this photo of me trying to get closeups of the birds we feed on our balcony. Each morning we wake when we wake, usually around 6:30am, have coffee, read a spiritual reading out loud from Simple Abundance, have oatmeal, read and then go for a hike (after we’ve had enough lazying around most of the morning!!!)

This was unreal. I was taking photos of the Lodge (last picture below) when out of the corner of my eye, I see something moving to my right. I look and it’s a light brown, small, bear. He looks at me (we are 10 feet away from each other), I look at him. He turns back to look ahead of him as he continues to the other side of the Lodge.

I follow him with my camera. I’m so excited, most of the photos I took are blurry. But I got this photo of the bear climbing over a fence while another vacationer was in a chair outside his cabin reading not very far from the advancing bear. The man doesn’t see the bear. I yell, “Hello!” The man looks up from his book and immediately begins to run backward with his chair in his grasp and his eyes and mouth wide open indicating he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Obviously he was scared to death. I wonder what he thought of me moving closer and following the bear with my camera?

Ray and me near the top of Mammoth Crest after our hike yesterday. We both feel the altitude. Ray is doing great. I’m thrilled he is hiking with me.

This is the view looking north from the top of Mammoth Crest, 2+ miles up the trail from our cabin. LR…..Like the view of the Minnaretts, Ritter and Banner?

This is one of the photos I took that I might submit for the September photo class assignment #1 on Walls, Windows and Doors.


I’m a sucker for animal movies.

My friend, Carol, sent me this You Tube video tonight.

My dream is to have a couple of acres along a river in the mountains of Colorado and watch all the animals come by. I’d have my camera and tripod set up for any and all visitors.


Cindy says, "This is a must see!"


I’ve never seen love expressed so clearly.

Thanks Cind, for sending me this video.


Head turning subjects

Black birds at the River Shopping Center. We’d just seen Mama Mia. I enjoyed the music and some of the acting but the rest was pretty silly. I love ABBA. I use to play their CD while training in the Santa Monica Mountains for my PCT ’02 hike. Their music makes me smile.While Katie and I were having coffee outside Starbucks, after an early morning hike, this dog caught my eye.
Ray and I take walks around MHCountry Club. This dog and swan made me turn my head.


What could they be thinking? Or Saying?