Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Salton Sea Photo Ops Are Limitless.

Here is our Salton Sea Workshop Group photo, taken by our workshop leader, Keith. Here is the link to his website: http://www.keithskelton.com/.

Here is our Salton Sea Workshop Group photo. Group photo taken by our workshop leader, Keith Skelton. Here is the link to Keith’s website: http://www.keithskelton.com/.

Below is my favorite photo from our workshop weekend 12/6/13. To see lots more of the photos I shot, click here.

Salton Sea.

Salton Sea.


Page, Arizona Workshop Photos (from way back)






Back and off again.

Ray and I are driving to LA tonight. Tomorrow we fly back to Virginia to my nephew’s wedding. I haven’t had much time to work on photos but here is a link to some I shot in Page, Arizona a few days ago.


Time for one photo and bed!

Having fun hamming it up before our night light painting shoot.

Our Photography Workshop Begins!

Take a peek at Ben Willmore’s site: http://thebestofben.com/. I’m so excited. Ben, a Canon shooter, has already taught me some things about my camera I didn’t know about!

Ben Willmore, our guest teacher.



Nine Ducklings Still.

I’ve read only two to four ducklings typically survive. These are nine of the ducklings born in our courtyard. We hadn’t seen them lately and mistakenly believed another mama and her one duckling were our recent pets. Glad we were wrong.

Off to Page, Arizona tomorrow. Another workshop.

More Moab Photos.

I uploaded some photos from thedigitalworkshops.com workshop I went to a couple of weeks ago. They are in the Porfolio Section of my website.
I am headed to Page, AZ for another workshop with Jeff and Randy at thedigitalphotworkshops workshop in two days!

I shot this photo with my camera while seated a distance away while Dave Black and other classmates shined and moved the Brinkman lights over Delicate Arch. So I didn't really create this photo. The man behind the scenes, our teacher, Dave Black, created the idea and implemented it while I was told the settings to use. Lighting something properly is a work of art I could see. I'm posting Dave's website link below this photo. Hope you check out his work. He has been an accomplished working photographer his entire life.

Dave Black’s Photography Website

Home From Moab, Utah.

Well, I have to say I’ve never been to a better workshop ever. Check out my friend Jeff Leimbach’s photography workshop website.

Here’s what I wrote to Jeff today (although his mailbox is full so he hasn’t seen my note to him yet):
Boy, what a great workshop you put on! I am so impressed with your ability to give equal attention to all attendees, incredibly full photo op days, expertise and help with Lightroom and Photoshop and most of all the the love and service attitude that permeates throughout the workshop. And……what a picker you have in your choice of guest instructor, Dave Black. What a REMARKABLE man with sooooo much expertise/experience and that he too humbly and willingly shares with all. I learned so much from you, Randy (who I adore), and Dave. I’ve never felt more relaxed in any of the many workshops I’ve attended. Can’t wait for Page, Arizona.

Park Avenue monuments in Arches National Park. This is where we spent our last morning shooting......shooting in pools of hand carried water poured into rock pools located in the flat just beyond the road. This is a 6 shot pano merged in Photoshop.

Here's our group!

And here is one of my favorite photos from the workshop. We were on our stomachs, cameras on the ground in front of the water we placed in a depression in the hard rock to capture this morning reflection.

And as if I hadn't had enough photography, I went out 1 hour after I got home last night to shoot this.

Minutes Before Sunset In Banff.

Not much time to work on my Canada photos, nor shoot anything new. Here is a photo I shot on the opposite bank of a river than where the other photographers were shooting. The last remaining sun and shadows were what caught my eye.


Trying to find time to go through the 4000+ Mentor Series Workshop photos I shot last week. One thing one of our mentors, Layne Kennedy stressed….”Make notes of where you were when you shot your photos.” I’ve forgotten the names of these two places. Anyone in our workshop remember?