Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Free Day Shooting The Streets Of NYC Following Steve Simon’s Workshop.

I’m home from having spent the most wonderful experience at the Steve Simon NYC Street Photography Workshop. Following Steve’s workshop Jen and I used our planned extra day to see MOMA, the Museum Of Modern Art, Central Park, before taking a bike driven buggy ride over to the 9th street area where after walking the streets, we had a wonderful Thai dinner at Yum Yum.
I shot over 8,000 photos in the 8 days. Below are a few of the photos I shot the day after the workshop. I am happy to report even I see a big difference in what I’ve captured. My mind has been opened to so many new thoughts and desires with so many new photographic ideas and plans. I feel excited again! I was getting a wee bit bored with what I was doing photographically. Like Frank says, “Oh, another sunset???”

I will be posting more of each day’s best photos from the workshop, hopefully sooner than later:-)
Re-entry ain’t easy!!!
























12 Responses to “Free Day Shooting The Streets Of NYC Following Steve Simon’s Workshop.”

  1. Linda, Linda. I am so moved by these and to read that you are inspired anew. I’m not surprised. I thought when I first read that you were going that New York with Steve Simon that was where you belonged. I’ve been thinking several times today how you continue to inspire me by your ongoing demand of excellence form yourself. Your willingness to learn, practice, learn again, and continue. Each time adding incrementally to get to that level where you are speaking through the lenses. Thinking of the photograph not the settings. It’s visible here. My favorite is, of course, “Don’t miss a moment.” All of the life shown in the image of the pregnant woman. It reminds me a bit of “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnolfini_Portrait”. And how did you capture that light of the two people at table? You’ve just whetted my appetite for more.

    Love, of course.

    • JJ, this comment of yours means the world to me. I know you have read Steve’s book and loved it. I know you would love him as a workshop leader. The workshop was intense and strenuous in terms of physicality and little sleep but aren’t they all. I appreciate your mirrorning back to me what you see in my willingness to learn, practice, learn again and continue. I am so enjoying being a newcomer on this new level of learning. I’m excited, not into showing as much as getting out there and walking through my fears. Working with a very wide lens gets you up close and intimate with people who may not want to be intimate. Thanks for letting me know the photos that spoke to you. I can’t be objective like another. Jen helped me pick these photos as I am often emotionally attached to a photo. I just can’t say enough about how excited I am again about my photography. I was stalled out before this workshop. Now I feel alive again, just like in the beginning of it all some 8-9 years ago. xxoo

  2. Wait For Me says:

    Love these!! Especially love the guy running in front of the girls and the couple kissing by the car. I keep looking at those two.

    • Wait For Me! Thanks for your comment and specifically letting me know the photos that spoke to you. I respect your feedback and thanks for taking the time to share your impressions.

  3. Vicki says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite here. They are all equally beautiful makes me want to be in NY…..you can feel the city absolutely love them. Thanks for sharing them with us!!

    • Vicki, I like hearing it was hard for you picking your favorites. That the photos made you want to be in NY validates I did something right:-) in making you feel the city. Thank YOU for looking at my photos and taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings. It helps me a lot!!!

  4. CJ Middendorf says:

    Linda, these are wonderful…they are so alive and full of energy. As someone who has trouble photographing people, I have a special appreciation for photographs like these. Your workshop must have been amazing based on your after-workshop work!

    • CJ, you would love this workshop. Steve is doing a workshop in Cuba sometime in November. I hope I am free to attend it. Let me know if you decide to go. Thanks so much for sharing that you experience the photos alive and full of energy. Of course it is difficult to access and see this in my own photos. I walked through lots of fear getting up close to people (3 -4 feet) with my 35mm lens. But I bit the bullet, trusted the process and came away with some photos I could never have taken before. Most people didn’t give me trouble, some waved me off (so I didn’t take the photo) and a very few gave me trouble. I’m so ready to trust someone else’s experience even when I’m so afraid. Understanding comes after I take the scary action…..always. I do believe that.

  5. I keep coming back to the pregnant woman. It looks as if she is posing just for you as all the life of New York is going on about her. She’s calm and self-possesed. Good light.

  6. Lr says:

    Lj, I really enjoy the depth of your shots….always another story in the background. Terrific. Good to see the blog again. “Don’t miss a moment”… Great.

  7. Kim Herman says:

    I loved looking at your posts on facebook throughout your visit to NY for your workshop. I love what you “saw” and captured. These pictures are absolutely amazing! You have a true gift and I look forward to seeing all that you capture! Keep sharing, it’s refreshing, beautiful and it touches my soul!

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