Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

So. CA. PCT Section photos – from Wrightwood to Soledad Cyn Road…April 3rd-9th.

Over the last 4 years Just Kidding, Happy Pants and I (Gottago) aka Melissa, Jen and Linda, have done an 8 day northbound section backpack on the PCT over the girl’s work vacations. We initially started at the Mexico/Ca border Monument and have backpacked to where we left off at Soledad Canyon Road this year.

I’ve done this section 3 times before but had forgotten how hard it was. Climbing Baden Powell on the second day was no easy feat carrying 5 day’s worth of supplies. We were not prepared for the ice on the trail 1/4 of a mile from the top of Baden Powell’s 9,000 plus foot mountain. Nor had we trained liked we had in the past. We wanted to go lighter but gave up gear and clothing weight rather than food weight (we all like our food and fear not having enough) so experienced some chilly days and nights. (I had forgotten we were doing this section 2-3 weeks earlier than I had in the past so it was colder!).

We always have a good time. We laugh a lot. But our 12 hour hiking days and 14 – 15 miles felt long and hard. Getting to a campsite at night is always the highlight of the day. We love taking photos and even not so great sunsets don’t stop us from getting our cameras out and shooting for a half hour or more.

Here are a few more photos (I posted some on FB already). I keep saying I’m going to start using my blog rather than posting on FB and hopefully I will.


An overview of the PCT section we hiked.

An overview of the PCT section we hiked.

The last day hiking toward Acton and Soledad Canyon Rd.

The last day hiking toward Acton and Soledad Canyon Rd.




Happy Pants (Jen) and Just Kidding (Melissa).

Happy Pants (Jen) and Just Kidding (Melissa).









Just Kidding (Melissa) hiking into the setting sun.

Just Kidding (Melissa) hiking into the setting sun.


Look at the deer I found in an old tree stump.


So many pictures and not enough time to see them all.




12 Responses to “So. CA. PCT Section photos – from Wrightwood to Soledad Cyn Road…April 3rd-9th.”

  1. I keep thinking you ladies should hike the area near the Three Sisters in Oregon. Because that’s the way I think of the three of you on the trail.

    Congratulations on getting through some very, very tough conditions. Your photographs are better than any I have seen of areas along the PCT. The scenery isn’t necessarily better, but your images are.

    Thanks for sharing these.


    • Awwww, you are so kind. I agree…..the Three Sisters area in Oregon is where we should backpack. Maybe we’ll just have to do that once you move to Oregon!
      Love you.

  2. Wait For Me says:

    Love these!!

  3. Ray Jeffers says:

    Now you know why I’m trail angel for these 3 courageous ladies. Congratulations on a great hike. Great photos.

  4. Lucy Shaver says:

    even under such adverse conditions, you SCORE with every shot! Beautiful, Linda! Ray, you are a GREAT trail angel.!!!

  5. Stacy Jacob says:

    What a beautiful journey! I love seeing all the photos as well as hearing about it. Glad you’re all home and can’t wait to hear more details. Sounds like it was very hard! You three are all incredible.

  6. Rylan Downs says:

    You girls are so awesome to be getting out there every year and enjoying the trails! I really like the picture with the sunset, clouds, and shadow tree. That one would look great on the wall. Love ya. Hope all is well. RY

    • Rylan, This backpack was hard on me and Jen and Melissa too. I still have pain in my hip and will be going to the doctor that did Ray’s hip surgery this coming Monday. Never had these symptoms before. I was carrying too much weight and not trained enough…..or maybe I’m getting to a point in my life where maybe I should rethink backpacking:-) More will be revealed.

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