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San Jacinto Skylines Today.




He’s Back!





Doing his name:-)

Doing his name:-)


Night Sky HDR.





While Out Watching The Rain….






Quite An Adventure Last Night While Hiking.

This urgent, blaring phone sound went off at the beginning of Melissa and my hike on the Bump & Grind last night. It was a storm alert for high winds. We looked around and didn’t see any wind and continued on up the hill.

Near the top of our hike we decided to turn around short of where we normally turn around. While stopped in the dark near the bottom of the Bump & Grind, (after a call from Ray wondering why I wasn’t home yet) we became obsessed with trying to capture the lightning going off rapid fire in the east. We knew we should get off the trail as Melissa had to go back to Sandi’s and take care of her dog and I needed to get home to Ray, but we couldn’t leave thinking….”The next shot will capture the “perfect lightning flash”.

We kept shooting….UNTIL this humongous dust ball of gale force wind engulfed us. I covered my camera and we rapidly and quite fearfully descended to our cars.



Handheld while on a late finishing hike last night. Kept the shutter open and hoped I'd capture something.

Handheld while on a late finishing hike last night. Kept the shutter open and hoped I’d capture something.


Friday, Aug 23,2013
Just in from Terry Morse:http://www.eastcountymagazine.org/node/13829


Updates On My Husband’s Cancer Cure.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Re: Updates on Ray’s Cancer Cure, Aug 16 – Aug 22, 2013.

Hi Everyone!

Ray and I thank you for all your well wishes and prayers in the form of cards, gifts, texts, emails, and being of service to us. Your supportive love and concern is the bright spot of our days.

Ray’s health has taken a big u-turn for the better. All the many unexpected medical problems are now under control or gone. Ray is only dealing with throat soreness and overall fatigue from the effects of his radiation…. which by the way is tolerable with the pain patches he wears. Ray has one more radiation visit tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 23rd and then ONLY one more week (5 days) of radiation next week. We’ve been told that Ray will experience the continuing effects of the radiation given Aug. 30th for 8 or 9 days following this last radiation treatment. So, we are hoping from September 8th Ray’s pain will begin to diminish over the next four months.

Ray’s salivary glands on the left side of his throat will not come back. Ray has lost all taste buds at this time but we’ve been told they will come back eventually (in whole or partial).

Driving Ray to infusion hydration today I noticed Ray had packed a little instructional gold swing book in his day bag he always brings with him. This is good. He turned and smiled broadly when I noticed the book and said, “I believe you are experiencing some very hopeful positive beliefs regarding returning to golf again in the near future.”

And in anticipation of Ray coming to the Wednesday night meeting next week, he received an at home hair cut yesterday from our hairdresser and friend Kathleen LaBonte.

Again, many thanks to you all for your love and concern.




Seeing The Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

In celebration of Ray having had 5 relatively good days, I picked up my camera.
Only 7 more weekdays of radiation before Ray is done with his cancer cure of first 5 weeks of chemo, followed by 7 weeks of radiation.

View from my desk, focused on the heart in the vase from flowers Ray had given me a long time ago.

View from my desk, focused on the heart in the vase from flowers Ray had given me a long time ago.


A Timeline Since Ray’s Diagnosis.

I’ve kept notes since Ray was first diagnosed with cancer but they I really needed a simple list to get a true perspective. I finally composed one and can’t believe how many unexpected medical problems Ray has had.

At the end of this blog I’ve added some photos shot on a much needed photo break I took this afternoon.

Here is the timeline list:

Timeline – Ray Jeffers

4.25.13 ENT Dr. Walz checked lump on left side of Ray’s neck.

5.1.13 – ENT result of Pet Scan – Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Stage 3, left tonsil cancer, possible base of tongue involvement proved incorrect.

5.16.13 – First chemo session. (Paclitaxel)Taxol i.v. 1 hour = Carboplatin (Paraplatin) i.v. 1 hour. Premedication – Decadron (Prednisone, Steroids, Deltasone, Dexamethasone, Solumedrol.
5.23.13 – Second chemo.
5.30.13 – Third chemo.
6.6.13 – No chemo – immune system compromised.
6.13.13 – No chemo – Platelets too low.
6.20.13 – Fourth chemo.
6.27.13 – Fifth chemo.

6.12.13 – Peg stomach feeding tube inserted. Dr. Annunziata.

7.1.13 – Peg tube removed. Dr. Annunziata.

7.5.13 – Stamm tube surgically inserted and abscess cleaned out. Dr. Gering.

7.8.13 – First Erbitux. Eribtux is not chemo but a designer drug that is more effective in combination with radiation. Erbitux causes less cumulative radiation effect. Once a week i.v.

7.15.13 – First day of radiation, 5 days a week, for 7 weeks. Dr. Greenberg. Tim/Kathleen technicians.

8.9.13 – Thirty-four days later found out Ray had an bacterial infection in the opening around the stomach feeding tube. Dr. Annunziata prescribed Levofloxacin 750mg for the bacterial infection called Pseudomonas.

8.12.13 – Increased pain Fentanyl patches to one each: 25mg+50mg. Dr. Greenberg.

8.12.13 – Viral infection /ulcerated lips. Dr. Amy Law – Acyclovir.

8.13.13 – Dr. Younes Office to see Brent Young/wound specialist for bacterial infection. Took culture. Seeing in a week for results.

8.14.13 – Up to this day Ray had been tolerating 6-7 bottles of the 8.45 oz of IsoSource food drink.

8.15.13 – 6:00am Woke Ray from deep sleep to begin feeding him through the tube.
Ray started throwing up directly following the 2nd of the two syringes of food. He’d probably had his antibiotic pill and Acyclovir on an empty stomach. The bottle did not say take with food, however another medical source advised giving this antibiotic with food in the stomach.
• Held off giving any more food until after radiation.
• He continued throwing up right until we had to go to radiation. Fortunately he did not feel any nausea during the radiation treatment. But once out in the parking lot he vomited repeatedly.
• 11:00 and 11:51 – tried giving 2 more syringes of food, first one, 25 minute break and then the other, both very slowly.
• 11:51 R. had a feeling he didn’t feel right.
• Gave Ray two pills (that he’d thrown up earlier) Acyclovir and Levofloxican 750mg.
• 12:20 – R. threw up all morning pills and food.
• 12:51 – right after or before giving pills Ray felt like he may throw up, he remembered.
• 3pm – Just before heading over to Dr. Law’s infusion room Ray had another bout with throwing up.
• 3:30pm – 1.5 hr in Oncologist’s infusion room getting anti nausea medication and hydration.
6pm – Home!

Friday, 8.16.13 – Ray slept like a baby last night. No more throwing up last night or today.
10:15 Dr. Annunziata (Gastroenterologist) – wrote a prescription for anti-nausea suppositories. Yeah, now I can start feeding Ray again. When weighed today the scale showed a 9 pound loss in one week! Not good.
11:30 – Infusion room for 3 hours at the oncologist’s getting hydrated and receiving the last of the antibiotics for the stomach feeding tube bacterial infection.
4:15pm – I went to meet Jen at Starbucks in Palm Springs for an hour to photograph people. Only problem was I forgot to bring the camera body in the camera bag filled with a couple of lenses. Jen and I used my long lens on her camera and took turns shooting competitively?. I’d get to shoot off three shots, and then she’d get to shoot 3 shots. We decided what the rules were before each 3 shots. We had fun. I got my fix.
6:45pm – Home to give Ray his first feeding (since two days ago) while Rob (who had come to visit with Ray while I was out) and Ray were finishing up their two hour visit.
8:00pm – Ray went to sleep and I went to swim some laps with Jen at the MHCC large pool.

This is how I looked talking to Jen when I first arrived at the Starbucks. Jen happily shot away as I talked about what had gone on this morning.

This is how I looked talking to Jen when I first arrived at the Starbucks. Jen happily shot away as I talked about what had gone on this morning.






This is Jen's shot.

This is Jen’s shot.



Why No Posts Lately…….

Today I compiled an email list I sent updating friends and family on my husband’s progress after having discovered that he had left tonsil and left lymph node cancer three and a half months ago.

I just want you my blog followers to know why I have not had time to take or post photos. Below is a copy of the first email I sent out today.

Here is a picture of Ray taken earlier a while ago with our wonderful doctor, Dr. Annunziata.

At Eisenhower Hospital.

At Eisenhower Hospital.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

As many of you know already Ray was diagnosed with Stage III Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the left tonsil with left lymph node involvement on April 25, 2013.

Ray’s oncologist, after seeing my tears, told me and Ray, that she is CURING his cancer, not just treating it. The chemotherapy was supposed to last for 6 weeks; however, Ray’s immune system couldn’t tolerate the chemo and the oncologist shortened the length to 4 weeks.

During the chemo treatment Ray had had a stomach feeding tube inserted for the upcoming indicated 7 weeks of radiation. This stomach feeding tube failed and was removed surgically. This was an unexpected nightmare involving a major surgery at Eisenhower Hospital.

While in the hospital Ray had a different kind of stomach feeding tube inserted. Early insertion of a stomach feeding tube is necessary before the radiation treatment so that it is well healed and functioning properly by the time the radiation makes it too painful for Ray to eat.

We were told that having head and neck cancer is good in that there is less likelihood of metastasis. We were also told that it is the most painful radiation treatment.

Ray has now finished his 4th week of radiation and, like the radiation technician told us, “after the 3rd week, Ray, you are going to hate me.” Ray has 3 more weeks to go and each week will leave Ray in more and more pain.

He is already on pain medication, both slow release time patches and pain pills. We have been told to continue increasing the pain dosages as the pain becomes more intense. They say that as long as Ray is taking these pain meds for pain he will not become addicted to them and he should keep on top of his pain.

Here is what Ray would like me to share with all of you.
“Hi, everyone, These next three weeks are going to be a tough period; my toughest period yet in this cancer treatment. I don’t know how available I will be to you. Obviously I won’t be at meetings, and unless there is a real emergency, I don’t think I will have either the energy or the state of mind to meet with anyone. It might be best if you call one another during the next three weeks up to September 10th, and I don’t really know what it’s going to be like dealing with me for a few weeks after that.
I love you all, and I would love to get your messages. Please feel free to call and leave whatever messages you want, but I don’t know how available I will be to get back to you. But I hope you are all doing well. I love you and thank you for all the messages and well wishes. Love you, Ray.”
As a heads up, we’ve been told that with each month following the end of radiation there will be a 25% reduction in pain. My hope is that by the beginning of November if not sooner Ray will be back in action and more available.
I will be giving you occasional updates on how Ray is doing, If anyone else would like information on Ray’s situation please free to forward the email or any future email updates to them.
Please don’t feel you need to reply to the updates on how Ray is doing. I know you are thinking of us and love that you are.

Taking care of Ray is consuming most of my time. So please don’t take offense if I don’t respond to your well wishes and prayers. But be assured your care and concern is invaluable.
Much love and tons of gratitude to you all,
P.S. I don’t have or can’t find all our friend’s email addresses. So if someone asks or mentions that they weren’t included in the emails please tell them to email me at gottago at lindajeffers.com or just forward this email to them.