Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Progress Not Perfection.

We stopped hiking for a bit as Jen repeatedly ran back down the hill while I tried to get my off camera flash (using a 3′ coiled E-TTL cord) to record a trailing image behind her. I thought I was using 2nd curtain sync but wasn’t. I was using 1st curtain sync where the flash fires immediately after the first curtain is fully open. In first curtain sync Jen runs, I flash, and the ambient light creates a “ghost image” that appears to come out of the front of her. That’s not what I wanted. I wanted the “ghost image” to follow her.
This morning’s flash exercise was frustrating because I thought I’d chosen 2nd curtain sync when I was in first curtain sync AND when I thought I’d chosen 2nd curtain sync I’d actually put the camera into high-speed synch (which is used in bright sun, not in the darkness before the sun rises – like this morning). Using hss consumes 2.5 stops of flash power. “In hss the camera changes the way that the Speedlite flash fires.” I didn’t know I was in hss and was confused by the results I was getting. I will definitely be trying this again. Last week when I shot Jen running I also made this same mistake but hadn’t picked up on it. So……there is progress in my awareness at least:-) Here is the photographer that I am learning about Canon’s flash system from: http://www.sylarena.com/.

A couple of 5 bracket merged (using Efex Pro HDR) shots. I bracketed the shots because even though the light was pretty this morning it was doing nothing for me.

Moon over San Jacinto.

View of the San Gorgonio Pass with the I-10 windmills in the background. Another HDR.


Called Outside From My Warm Bed.

Up before the alarm, and out the door in my pjs and boots (to guard me from the red ants!), shooting west at the tiniest spec of a moon over San Jacinto. 5 shot HDR processed in Nik Efex Pro 2 using Deep 01.

Turned around, and facing east, shot our home. Five shots brought into Photoshop HDR and later worked in Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 using Deep 01.


Wednesday’s Color.

Jen waiting for Melissa before our hike this morning. The reflected white letters in the puddle caught my attention.

Walking toward the trail I asked Mary Kay, Jen and Melissa to stand under the parking lot lights. Their shadows caught my eye here.

I had a feeling the color would be good this morning based on the clouds in the sky last night. Mary Kay and Melissa pretending to be looking at Melissa’s phone. Thinking Stock.

Better phone stock photo of Melissa holding her phone.

Deeper sky color meant the girls had to pose for me again:-)

I love early mornings.


My Model.

Ray tolerates me while I continue using him for a subject. Interrupting his solitaire game is risky business.
I was practicing shooting at higher ISO’s (1600) and then taking the photo into the Nik Define 2.0 plugin to reduce digital noise that comes from higher ISOs. I read in the Nik Define User Guide that using this plugin should be done before working on your photo in editing software. Never knew that.


Doing Sunday With Camera In Hand.

Cynthia and Dusty and their friend Julian moved Ray and me from one storage unit far away to a closer one only two miles away today. Dusty’s mom gave them her moving truck which could hold all of the “stuff”. I’ve wanted to do this move for almost 6 years. I’ll be saving about $1200 a year too!! LR, are you reading this?

Spotted this lone plant in Von’s parking lot while waiting for Jen to arrive for our hike late this afternoon.

Me and my silhouette.

#1 Jen. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could make money on shots like this at a Stock Company?

#2 Jen.

#3 Jen.

#4 Jen.

#5 Jen. Unbelievable height.


One Shadow, One Silhouette.

Brought this photo into Topaz Simplify. Carol a new friend, me and Jen on our morning hike up the Bump and Grind.

Brought this photo into Topaz Simplify and worked the sliders. Two hikers silhouetted in the rising sun.


Lesson #2 – Stock Photos.

Jen and I spent almost 3 hours next to the I-10 Freeway in the middle of all the windmills tonight. The truckers had fun honking their horns at us. We are definitely addicted to the joy of photographing new subjects. Jen shot with me for my Betterphoto.com Lesson #2 assignment (taught by Jim Zuckerman). I had to express one or more of the following concepts:
transportation, communication, office stress, competitions, winning, power, depression, the future.

Energy assignment for Stock.



Power. (Archive photo of Mary Kay.)

Transportation. (Another archive photo.)


Happy Thanksgiving Hike.

Jen feeling the joy and gratitude!


Stock Worthy?

I’m enrolled in a 4 week Stock Photography Course, taught by Jim Zuckerman over at BetterPhoto.com. I’d like to see if any of my photos (over 100,000) would qualify as stock photos and maybe make me a little extra photography gear spending money. I know LR would like to see this happen…….

If one’s photos are accepted, I’m learning how much work goes into:
1. preparing photos…photos need to be tack sharp, free of imperfections, no color banding (whatever that is), no blown highlights, copy space for an advertiser’s message, and caption information relating to the place, and what the subject is, latin names of animals/insects, sizing, good esposures, no cluttered or distracting backgrounds and NO logos (would have to remove them in post process).
2. types of Licenses… You can license your images as “rights managed” (RM) or as royalty free (RF).
3. needing building and model releases…basically I’ll need to begin getting model releases for advertising sales as opposed for editorial sales.

Whether any of my photos get accepted by a Stock Company, I’m enjoying learning all Jim Zuckerman is teaching. He has been in this business for over 20 years!

#1 Jen this morning on our hike.
I like this photo of the three. I asked Jen to jump as if this were a jumping competition and feel this jump photo shows more energy. Anyone else have a favorite of the three?




For Stacy and Jim.

I’m hoping these photos will make you smile.

So, so, sorry for the loss of your dog Buddy.

Remember this day Stacy?

Lordy, we do get goofy, don’t we?