Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Our Last Day In Vail.

Stacy and I were shooting outside the town of Minturn when we started talking to a local who was driving to work on the very long pipeline that keeps the old contaminated closed mine water flowing so as to not seep into to the local water source and killing fish.

We were parked to the side of a dirt road, not knowing where else to go, as everywhere signs read private/do not enter. Dave told us about a spot we could enter where no one would see us. We walked to the old wood ranch structures that afforded us great backdrops for photographing each other.

Stacy took this shot of me.

Here’s Stacy.

Ready to go home not having had much luck shooting, we found a butterfly that stuck around on the same three flowers until we decided we’d had enough.

Now home from a full day of shooting, we picked up our cameras again when Jim called us saying there was a deer at the salt lick.


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  1. Kentucky Jim says:

    Lovely shots of the butterfly and you, and Stacey!

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