Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

A Much Needed Late Hike.

Jen, Melissa and I have all been away. I haven’t exercised in 7 days and didn’t really care that it was 106 degrees outside when I pulled up to the bump & grind trail to hike with Jen and Melissa tonight.

I know the girls wanted to hike continuously with stopping for all the photos I wanted to take, so I thank them for indulging me by posing in the great evening light.

Melissa on Bump & Grind tonight as the sun was setting behind San Jacinto.

Jen with the eastern moon behind her.

It was 9:04 when we finished the hike.


Homeward Bound.



Our Last Day In Vail.

Stacy and I were shooting outside the town of Minturn when we started talking to a local who was driving to work on the very long pipeline that keeps the old contaminated closed mine water flowing so as to not seep into to the local water source and killing fish.

We were parked to the side of a dirt road, not knowing where else to go, as everywhere signs read private/do not enter. Dave told us about a spot we could enter where no one would see us. We walked to the old wood ranch structures that afforded us great backdrops for photographing each other.

Stacy took this shot of me.

Here’s Stacy.

Ready to go home not having had much luck shooting, we found a butterfly that stuck around on the same three flowers until we decided we’d had enough.

Now home from a full day of shooting, we picked up our cameras again when Jim called us saying there was a deer at the salt lick.


Wednesday, Jun 28, 2012.

Celebration breakfast.

In Stacy and Jim’s backyard.

Photos below shot with a 100mm 2.8 macro lens around 6pm.


Mountains, Streams, Flowers and Fun.

Stacy and I went on a photo shoot at 10,996 feet. I don’t do well being that high without first becoming acclimated.
The area we were at, about a 25 minute drive west of Vail past Copper Mountain, is known as a very popular hike but I could barely keep from passing out just sitting down and standing up picking up different camera gear. Initially we were going to hike this Mayflower Gulch hike but instead hung out at the old Boston Mining Camp located in an incredibly beautiful bowl formed by the Tenmile Range.

Later we had lunch at the Copper Mountain Resort area. The last time I was there I was backpacking the CDT in 2004. I’d love to finish backpacking all of Colorado. Glad I’m not up there now though. How terrible is it for all the people who have lost their homes in the Flagstaff fire. Often when backpacking I would reflect on what I’d do if I smelled smoke.

Here are a few of the photos I shot today.

Stacy couldn’t believe how heavy my camera and lens was when she took this shot. I had a 70-200mm lens on the Canon 7D.

Stacy could jump high.

Pulled the Canon 100mm macro I’ve had forever but not used forever.

Stacy chimping her photos! Stacy has a very special day coming up tomorrow:-)


Learning To Be Fearless.

Daybreak this morning in Richfield, Ut.

During breakfast Ray had seen this cute little girl and suggested I try to get a shot. The little girl’s mother was on her way back to the little girl and I didn’t want to get caught red handed. So I quickly prejudged camera settings and shot off a way too dark shot of this little girl. But tonight I found a way to salvage an extremely underexposed product.

In Palisade, Co. Ray and I ate lunch at the quaint, family run Palisade Cafe. I became obsessed with the dog under the table behind me. I ended up talking to the people at the table and shot some photos of the rescue dog who belonged to one of the women at the table. But it was this first shot, before I’d started talking to them that had caught my eye and my heart.

And later this afternoon Buddy, Stacy and Jim’s dog, got to be another one of the many subjects I found interesting during the day.


On The Road.

Ray and I pulled up and parked at rest stop along I-70 only to witness whatever was going on here.

Waiting for Ray at the same rest stop I witnessed this heart warming exchange.


Exercise Sets The Tone Of The Day.

Will miss hiking with the girls next week, so got a Saturday morning hike in at 5:30am and am ready for the day.
To see Jen’s blog photo of me, click here.

Practicing taking some shots where my camera is set to AI Servo mode, where hopefully motion is tracked in good focus.

We hiked the side trail this morning instead of the fire road we normally hike. It’s steeper and prettier.

Jen’s becoming more comfortable (a bit:-) in front of the camera.


Summer Begins With A Setting Moon.

Jen called and told me to go out and look at the setting sun. Two hours later I returned home with photos of the moon.


The Best Way To Begin The Day!

To read Jen’s blog on this morning’s hike click here.

Waiting for me at the start of the Bump & Grind. I couldn’t find my hiking shoes. Ray now up and noticing I was beside myself looking everywhere for my shoes said, “Didn’t you have a pedicure yesterday?” Duh. I’d been in my hiking shoes when I walked in to get the pedicure. I walked out in their flimsy flip flops. My hiking shoes were in the back seat of my car. Thanks Ray. And……thanks ladies for waiting for 15 minutes to hike with me:-) And Jen, what a great photo you took. Thanks for loaning it to me.

When I arrived at the Bump & Grind and was making amends for being late, I wondered aloud, “Where is Melissa?” Jen started saying that Melissa had to begin the hike so as to not be late for work. While listening to Jen’s explanation, I heard the girls muffled giggles. I looked to my right and there was Melissa, hiding for the laugh again! Only Melissa.
Thanks Jen for this great photo.

One, two, three, four, five and me, makes 6 on our hike today!!!!

Heading up the last uphill before the downhill switchbacks. A little love being shared.

Nearing the end, coming down the switchbacks.

Sue and Melissa on the way down.

Jen, Jessica, and Katie happily posing near the end of the hike.

A good hike was had, as usual. At 4:20am when I get up so I can be ready at the trailhead by 5:15am, I am not happy about going hiking. Actually, moments after I’m out of bed, I begin to be happy to be up. It’s just the minute or two before I get up I think hiking this early is stupid.
Without the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday commitment to hike with the ladies I’m not sure I would get up.