Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!


Trying to find time to go through the 4000+ Mentor Series Workshop photos I shot last week. One thing one of our mentors, Layne Kennedy stressed….”Make notes of where you were when you shot your photos.” I’ve forgotten the names of these two places. Anyone in our workshop remember?


Happy Birthday Gathering.

Happy Birthday Jen.


Snowy Owl – Sled Dog Tours

Three days ago I was driving (and riding in) a dog sled outside of Banff, Canada. Never, ever thought I’d get to do this. We were given a 25 minute talk on how to drive the sled dogs. Wish I could remember the name of the man giving the talk to the 30 of us Mentor Series workshop participants. Number one rule is never let go of the sled! Hai means take off, Easy means slow down, and Whoa means stop. We were told the dogs respond very well to Good Boy, gooooood boyyyyyyy! They like encouragement and they especially like and expect we drivers get off the sled with our feet (and body weight!) and run behind the sled while holding on when going up any uphill. The dogs turn back and look at you if you have forgotten to help lighten the load on the uphills. We were also given instruction to slow to a stop if one of the dogs has to poop. I had a blast and would go again. This is the name of the company http://www.snowyowltours.com/
I was very impressed with the professionalism of the entire operation that has been in the family three generations now since 1985.

Photos taken by the company photographer.

Taking off on our snow dog ride while it was snowing. Dan driving, Linda and Jose all bundled up. Midway through the ride we switched positions.

Photo taken as Dan, Jose and I were returning from our drive.


Sled Dog Riding and Driving.

Never thought I'd ride in/drive a dog sled!!! Unbelievably great experience.


When I take my time and look, I see.

Looking up from deep within Johnston Ice Canyon I happily spotted this isolated tree.



Tomorrow I have to turn in only 5 of the many photos I shot today. I’ve gotten my selections down to six.
Now it’s your turn. Which photo should I leave out. We workshop attendees get to have our workshop leader review our work tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.

Ice rink snow removal from Lake Louise at the Fairmont Hotel in Banff.

Snowboarder posing for our photo group after she and other snowboarders performed while we shot.

Skier I caught coming down a run at the Lake Louise Ski Resort.

View from a bridge on Hwy 1a outside Banff.

Shore bank on the river we stopped at on Hwy 1a.

Up at a view point in the Norquay area.


Maligne Ice Canyon

I’ve uploaded the iPhone photo Sarah our tour guide shot of me today on the 8 hour private photography tour Bernice and I had booked.

We are staying at the Maligne Lodge in Jasper. Bernice says to me as I’m growling about the fact that I can’t get on their wireless network, Linda it’s only a computer!”

I called Art, my always available techie. He informed me that there are too many other people using here using my IP address. I am not a happy camper. We still have one more night here before we check into our Banff hotel.

Our Ice Canyon hike was on ice for much of the day. Duh. Wearing 8 lb boots with some kind of traction device, carrying two camera bodies, one over each shoulder, a heavy camera gear backpack and way too many layers made for an interesting but very tiring day.

Tomorrow Bernice and I are on our own to things to photograph.



Off To Alberta, Canada.

A friend I met in a photography workshop in Moab, Ut two years ago are off to First Jasper Nat’l Pk and four days later to the Mentor Series Photo Workshops in Banff.

Really looking forward to photographing the professional ice climbers they have hired, touring the Ice Caves and going on and photographing on a dog sled ride.

IPhone photo from the first leg of my flight.



Rylin Joins Us.

Rylin joined Jen and me on this morning's colorful sunrise hike. I'm sure glad I don't listen to my head when my alarm goes off for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning hikes at 5:45am.

Jen is trying out her new backpack.



Last Friday Tamara and I shared a room for the first of many “Summit”:-) meetings (the meeting was with 4 of our other friends) we had in Clair’s room. We all had so much fun that night before we met at Debbie’s annual birthday brunch/meeting Saturday that we will get a room and make spending the night before the birthday/meeting an annual event.

My friend, Tamara. I say get on the bed and jump up and down, and she does. I wake to Tamara's fresh squeezed juice, coffee, peeled hard boiled eggs and slices apples. Where's my roomy? I'm missing her.