Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Moab, UT

I knew so much less in 2009 when I shot this photo at a workshop.

I’m ready and looking forward to capturing some pretty images while away in Banff, Canada at a workshop I leave for February 17th.

p.s. After talking with my friend, I realized I implied I didn’t like this photo. I do. It’s all the behind the scenes confusion and frustration I experienced from generally being so inexperienced during this time that lead me to upload this photo.



I have been quite busy working on photos from two weddings I shot……all by myself. I’ve been walking through lots of fears lately. Made lots of mistakes but learned much.

Today I gave my friend Susan and sister Ginny the wedding photos shot on Xmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Phew. Working the photos is the hardest part. But Art came running when I called asking him to help me with the photos in Lightroom. Watching Art work on the photos taught me tons. I’m realizing I need to be around photographers, shooting and learning as they work their photos in post production. I dream of having a mentor. I don’t know how to find one. Any ideas?

Sunrise colors last week.


So Grateful For Art.

Art has been at my home for the last two days helping me get the photos I shot at two weddings, worked and uploaded to my Smugmug site.

Tomorrow is my sister Ginny’s birthday and I know she will be very happy to hear from me that her son and daughter-in-law’s photos will be available tomorrow. Art taught me a lot more about Smugmug (where I’ll be uploading both Susan/Andrew and Zane/Jerami’s wedding photos). I never knew how to tell people the process on how to download photos from this site of mine without having to pay for them.

In the Tools menu I will click on download all photos from both weddings. Then Smugmug will send me a zip file link full of the photos. Then I can just send on to the wedding parents and bride and groom this zip file link so they can download the 300+ megabytes of photos. I believe this will only cost 99 cents for the one download of all the photos. People will also be able to download individual photos themselves from Smugmug by clicking on a photo and selecting the download option on the popup menu.

Art Suwansang, my savior!


Special Time With Our Guide And His Family.

Our hike guide at Valle de Bravo to see the Monarch Butterflies.

One of the three ladies we met at the ladies bathroom. Our guide asked the ladies if they'd pose for pictures. They were very happy to pose for me.

This lady had the most fun with the picture taking.

They giggled a lot.

This is our guide's wife and children. Our guide asked his wife if she'd make us something to eat after he over heard me saying I was hungry. Blue corn tortillas!


Last Mexico City Camera Card – Favorites

I’m not sure yet how many photos I shot while visiting my sister Ginny and her husband Walid in Mexico City. These photos were from the last card I’d had in my camera, filled with over 500 photos. I believe I also two other full 32 and 16 gig cards.

Chapultepec Park. I almost got my face painted too.

In Xochimilco on the gondolas.

Flight from Mexico City to Phoenix.

Leaving Mexico City.

Approaching Phoenix.

Landing over Phoenix.

Baby in Phoenix airport. Parents said their baby is very used to having a camera in her face.


Xochimilco By Boat.



Planning The Travel Day.




Sister Ginny joined us after a 10 hour day of sighting in Mexico City. Walid Ginny’s husband knows how to show us around.

Next on the agenda is dinner at 7:30.



Looking For Butterflies With My Family.



Scott Baxter, Photograher.

I spent a most enjoyable visit in the Phoenix Museum viewing Scott Baxter’s photo collection titled “100 Years 100 Ranchers” as well as watching a video interview of Scott with some of the 5th generation ranchers that made me happy to see history being documented by such an interested Photographer.

“For over ten years Baxter has been traveling to ranches across the state (Arizona), getting to know the individual ranchers and their operations.”

Google Scott’s website as I will when I return home.