Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Water spitting fun on our hike.

Melissa beginning the water spitting game.

I was a fraction of a second late, as Jen had just blasted Melissa in the face with water.

Water spray fun gone bad.

This is how the water fun had looked up to the point that Jen switched the rules of play and blasted Melissa in the face instead of going over her head.


More Moo.

Hey Moo.

Hey Melissa, are you hiking tomorrow morning?


Morning Catch.

Hawk got its catch and I got mine:-)


A Friend’s Christmas Eve Wedding.

Ray and I attended Susan and Andrew’s wedding in Las Vegas. They hired a photographer to shoot their wedding and family shots following the wedding but I photographed the before and after the wedding shots for Susan and Andrew. The pressure was off me and I had fun practicing all I’ve been learning about on camera bounced flash shooting. I loved the safe environment that allowed me to get some practice shooting events.

Susan sitting and visiting with friends before getting dressed.

Andrew and Susan enjoying their wedding cake after a wonderful wedding in Las Vegas.


Arrived in a very over populated Vegas last night. Wishing Susan and Andrew a wonderful wedding day.



Unexpected Visitors.

Melissa brought over Moo this morning.

Moo has zero interest in facing the camera so I consider myself very lucky with this shot.

Melissa left and Stacy came by to pick up the Franklin Planner 2012 refills we’d ordered together. I told Stacy she could come over right away to pick up the planner as I had to get ready to drive to Vegas. Not long after we hung up Stacy arrived I cracked up when I opened the door and Stacy was standing there in her pjs holding a cup of coffee. Her husband Jim had yelled out to Stacy as she left home, “I hope a cop doesn’t pull you over.”


Stacy arrived looking like this (but holding a coffee mug in her hand).



Laughs Galore.

We like it when Melissa aka “Just Kidding” joins us on our hikes. Just kidding:-)
Ok, really, I’m just kidding about the second just kidding.

Before our hike even started. Hope Eric doesn't see this and ask Melissa what she is doing.

The poses begin.

Aaaaah, so cute.

Taking turns lifting each other. All for the shot.

Ok Jen, which of these do you like best. This one? Or, the next one.

I'm partial to this one as I see that mischeivious look in your eye.


We Teach to Learn.

As I learn how to shoot on camera bounce flash, I pass it on to Jen, which is really helping me realize what I know and don't know!


Selby, Jen’s friend.

Boy did I enjoy getting to meet and hike with Shelby on our morning hike. I was debating whether I should venture out and risk getting chilled but decided to just go and boy am I glad I did. Shelby has been involved with photography for years. In the parking lot, seeing that Jen and Shelby were both carrying cameras, I knew I’d made the right decision to hike. Loved our hike.

No clouds, no great color, but we made our own fun.

The fake shoot off.

Wanting to test some flash action, Shelby and Jen willing agreed to oblige.

Where's Shelby, this was on it's way to being a great shot before I cut off Shelby's head. Jen would kill me if I posted a photo of her exposed cute belly.


Fun night.

First business.

Then some flash lighting practice.

And lastly, the Jim and Stacy show.