Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

It’s show time.

We had our last training hike with full packs. On today’s hike we gained and lost 1300 feet of elevation on a loop trail starting from the trailhead at the Rim Rock Center. Hiking for about 4 hours………in temps of 100 made for a very hard hike. It wasn’t surprising when Ray got heat exhaustion and needed to sit down. I don’t know what I was thinking that Ray and I only brought 1 liter of water each. All turned out fine but it left us doubting our fitness. Of course had it not been 100 degrees we would have had a hard but good hike. I think we’ll all do fine. It will not be that hot nor as muggy in the Sierra.

LR....remember this pack Jen is wearing? This pack was the first McHale pack I had specially made to fit my body. LR had one made for him too. They were/are humongus.

And here is Ray's new Gregory, Palisades pack.

The pretty clouds contributed to a beautiful but very muggy, hot day.

When we reached the highway, we let Ann and Jen walk back the mile to their cars to return and pick us up. Ray is wondering when Jen will return.

Jen and I head out to Lone Pine tomorrow morning at 5am. We will try tomorrow at 11am, Monday at 11am and Tuesday at 11am to see if we can nab 5 of the 10 daily allotted walk-in Whitney permits. Without a permit we won’t be able to enter the Whitney area. I hate not knowing whether we’ll be able to hike up to Whitney.

If we can’t get a permit, we will remain on the PCT, add another day to our backpack, pass by the trail that heads east toward Whitney, go over Forester Pass – 11,200′ and exit east on Kearsarge Pass.



Hoped for some birds in flight shots.

Black Phoebe

Out for a few minutes with the 400 mm lens aimed over San Jacinto.

p.s. LR……….hang on (knew not listing the name or a photo of Ray’s pack would drive you crazy….tee hee). Shots of Ray’s Gregory – Palisades pack after tomorrow morning’s long and heavy hike.


Mi Dia.

5:45am hike with Patrick, Ray, Melissa and Jen.

Bye bye Dana pack - off to REI later today:-)

On the way down the I-10 to REI, Jen and I played with our cameras while Ray drove.

Shopping makes me hungry. While waiting for my double double protein style, with well done french fries, Jen and I shot each other.

Just before Ray called me in to watch So You Think You Can Dance, I had finished packing up Ray's new pack and mine. Minus our water weight, Ray's weighs in at 30lbs and mine (minus water weight and camera gear weight for the Canon 7D and the GoPro) 31lbs.


A Special Family.

Gloria (Grandmother), Kenna (Daughter), Tami (Mother), Clay (Son) and Kara (Daughter).

Kara would like to be a photographer.

Kenna likes the camera.

Clay, not so happy with a camera on him:-)

Ray and Clay.

Ray, Clay and Linda.

Photo taken by Kara.


I Phone + Topaz Adjust = An interesting tree nude.


Tired on hike.

I had to do a fasting blood test this morning so I couldn’t have my coffee, nor any breakfast, before the 5:45am hike. I could tell the difference in my energy level on the hike.

Later after way too many doctor appointments and errands I napped for 2.5 hours after lunch today. Grumble, grumble.

This morning we tried to outsmart the thieves that like to break into cars. We parked in front of Von's and then walked behind the stores to access the trail. Notice how much more weight Ray is carrying?

Jen isn't carrying a pack for two reasons: 1. Her NEW pack, a Dueter Aircontact 75+10, 5200cu in capacity pack arrives tomorrow, and 2. Her back went out after playing in the sprinklers last week.

Because I know LR will want to know what the pack looks like…….Deuter Aircontact 75+10 Pack


A pleasant evening steps from my door.


Heading north for a 3 mile out and 3 mile back hike on the PCT at Palms to Pine.

Just starting north on the PCT at 7am.

Trail hotties!

Warner Springs fire smoke.

Resolved to train and go on the backpack:-)

How nice it feels to be hiking on the PCT (even if it was only a dayhike).


Ciruit training with backpacks on the closed Arnold Palmer Course here in Mission Hills CC.

Jen who is going on the Whitney backpack in NINE days, started a blog recently. Jen teaches AP students in a very exclusive private school locally. Needless to say she is one hell of a writer, AND she has been writing about me lately since we’ve been spending so much time together. Here is the link to Jennifer’s blog. I’ve also added as one of the linked sites on the frontpage of my website.
We, or I, are/am gun shy since the car break-in. So this morning Ann, Ray, Jen, Melissa and Mary Kay (yes MK, she was in town for the day!) hiked with our backpacks around some of the steeper Mission Hills CC, Arnold Palmer golf course. Hopefully the next number of photos tells the tale of how much fun we had.

Mary Kay letting us know our packs are pretty comfortable, comfortable enough to do push ups wearing Ann's pack.

For those of you who don't know Mary Kay, you don't understand how funny it is seeing her wearing a pack.

Let the games begin.

Oh to be young again.

Just before Jen hurt her back.

It might have been this jump that caused her some pain, or the next jump. Maybe she'll comment and let us know.

Woo hoo.

Melissa is so fun in front of the camera.

Hey MK, maybe next year you'll come with us?


Six forty five Bump & Grind hike tonight.

Jen and I met Mario who was coming down the Bump & Grind.

I asked Jen if she wanted to go on a late hike. I like when someone is available and spontaneous like Jen. We brought our cameras and had a ball.

Took this photo into Topaz Adjust and clicked on "I Feel Lucky." I got lucky.

Jen is becoming very comfortable with my directing her in front of the camera. In teaching Jen the little I know about photography I explained how my camera's flash would stop her motion while walking towards me even though the light was very low. I had a fast shutter speed to kill some of the ambient light and show the rosy sky.

First time I've used my i-Phone flashlight app. It sure came in handy as we misjudged our turn around time. Playing with our cameras switched our focus (no pun intended).

Photo by Jen Clark