Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Photos shot while at Kevin Toohey’s Canon Camera Class.

Sometime a little over a year ago I wanted to learn more about my camera. I’d been reading that in order to really be present and creative one needs to know and drive their camera like they’d drive a stick shift car (without thought of each and every action). I didn’t know who could teach me. After searching online for a somewhat local teacher I found Kevin’s website.

I drove the hour and a half to somewhere in Riverside and met with Kevin for over 4 hours. I enjoyed what I learned so much I went back again for some more instruction, but this time with my intimidating lighting equipment.

Kevin’s words to me where, “Learn to shoot in manual.” I was intimidated by his suggestion as that meant I had to think, I was going to be in control of what the camera did.

A year and much practice later, yesterday I was so relaxed and very excited realizing that I understood and knew much of what Kevin was going over in his class. I drove home feeling much more confident in my ability and comprehension of the hows and whys related to my camera and photographing.

I spent a lot of time shooting Caitlin, one of the 6 other students. I was fascinated with Caitlin. She didn’t seem to mind me shooting her. So I kept shooting her as she was listening to Kevin teach. Caitlin is young and seems to know who she is and what she likes. How does that happen at such a young age? Somethings Caitlin doesn’t like are rules (in photography:-) She doesn’t seem to have a bit of fear of trying this and that. She’s obviously quite creative and curious and, unlike me, doesn’t have a fear of making a mistake and worrying what others will think. She impressed the hell out of me. I just kept shooting her and loved every minute of it.

Seventeen year old Caitlin was one of my classmates during the Learn Your Camera Canon Camera Class I attended in Anaheim for 4 hours yesterday.

Here is a link to more photos I shot before and during the class. There was so much going on at the park yesterday. Two baseball fields had tournament games going on and the park was alive with parents and kids.


Some grab shots during my photo class.

Today, I attended a class with a learn-your-camera photography teacher, Kevin Toohey, who one year ago had told me to shoot in manual. In the small class, I was one of 6 other students. Attending Kevin’s class brought home how knowledgeable and comfortable I’ve become with my camera and lens in the last year. It was a good feeling.

Major baseball tournaments were going on at the park where 7 of us met for the photography class. The kids were so cute.

And she caught the ball, but with her eyes closed.

Took this photo while we were in class when Kevin was going over something I already knew.

Kids were everywhere.

Kevin took this photo of me. I asked him to as I was shooting all my classmates and wanted a photo of myself on this day.

I shot a lot of photos of my classmates but am waiting for their approval to post them.


Simple Numbers’ assignment.

A number I shot at Salvation Mountain combined with eucalyptus bark texture. Made duplicate layer of bark and flipped it vertically.

Not feeling well today but spent a bit of time tonight finishing up an assignment for the Photomontage Class.

June 1st the Macro Class with Carol Leigh starts.

Tomorrow, if I’m feeling ok, I’m headed to Riverside to attend a photo class out at a park with 5 other students and Kevin Toohey, a teacher I’ve used twice before. He got me to shoot in manual.

THEN!!!!! May 31st I attend a mixer for the OneLight Workshop I’m attending in downtown LA on June 1st. Zach Arias (who is OneLight) has been my off camera flash mentor with his DVD I’ve watched over 5 times. If you want to learn from the best, this DVD is well worth the money.


Gator and duck.

Combined photo of eucalyptus tree bark and a duck from Encino Park. After blending the two photos in photoshop, I opened them in Lightroom and put a semi black and white preset on the photo.

Below are the two photos I used for the photomontage.

This tree bark looked like an alligator to me.

I had hoped I’d work on my Photomontage Class assignment but didn’t have the energy tonight.
Hopefully tomorrow.


After dinner shots of some of the girls.

On our way to get coffee before the meeting.

Paula, Angela, Heather, Taye, Katya and Tina.

Already got their coffee.

Susan, Lena, Joanna, Alima and Linda.


Off to LA.

Stacy and Linda heading out into the desert last week to shoot 'til we drop.

Hope I get back there soon.


Bird on patio.

Nashville Warbler.

This little bird caused me so much worry. When the window washers come we have more birds flying into our windows. Most birds just get shook up but the other day a bird that had been possibly feeding young never recovered.

When I walked by the window today and this little Warbler didn’t fly away I got worried something was wrong. At first I thought it was stunned from hitting the window and just taking time to regain its bearings. But the bird looked young and acted young (opening its beak looking to be fed). I wanted to do something (after getting all the photos I could) but didn’t know what to do. I figured I’d post the photo of the bird on FB and ask what I should do. But then the bird (who’d not moved and not looked like it could fly) flew away. Phew.


Joshua Tree photos and an 8 sec time-lapse.

Photos from the overnight Stacy and I did in Joshua Tree last Friday.

Before my camera card became full (because I only thought I’d changed from shooting raw to jpg) below is my first ever time-lapse video. This 8 second clip was made in Quicktime Pro 7 from the 211 photos I shot. Here it is, don’t blink.


PCT thru-hikers at the McDonalds Restaurant yesterday.

Patch and Crumbs.

Traveling the 15 freeway on the way to an Area Assembly, I needed to stop for gas. I pulled off at the exit where all the thru-hikers stop to eat at the McDonald’s before they continue on up to their next trail town, Wrightwood. I asked Melissa if she’d mind if I drive through the McDonald’s parking lot as I would like to see if there are any hikers there.

As I pulled into the parking lot Patch and Crumbs were 20 feet away from getting their first hot meal in a number of days. Kindly, they allowed me to photograph them. I introduced myself, after asking if they were thru-hiking, by saying, “Hi, I’m Gottago.” Crumbs responded, “Oh, you are the bandana lady.” Yup, I am.

They are so young. So strong. So unbelievably cute.

And……. I am very envious of the above as well as the fact that they are out there “doing the trail”. Heavy sigh.


Kids at play with light.

Off to an all day meeting but can’t wait to post some more photos in the next couple of days.

Playing with off camera flash, Stacy begins to play for me.

She got her cartwheel but her pants didn't hold up so well! Rip!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy has endless ideas.

And then it was my turn......my expression tells it all. I had a great time in Joshua Tree with my camera.