Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Our old home – Cold Creek Ranch, Calabasas, CA

LR and I drove by the old ranch I used to call home for 11 years, during the time I was into horses. I took this photo using my iPhone and using the camera app called Hipstamatic. This photo is actually about 5 photos taken and then stitched together in my iPhone using the iPhone app, Auto Stitch. I don’t know what it is about this shot that I love, but it is one of my favorite all time shots. Maybe it’s the memories of the experiences I had during the 11 years at the ranch.

Love this shot taken with my iPhone using the camera app Hipstamatic.

I didn’t pick up the camera today!


LR and I hate goodbyes.

I was out at St Marguerite’s last night talking with my friend Carol Davis and thought to introduce her to my friend Lamont. Carol said something like, “You mean the infamous LR?” Carol reads my blog and also reads your comments. LR comments often. It was fun for me to see two of my friends who don’t know each other meet and chat it up.

LR's signature move, again!.

A last photo of LR and me (in my pjs) before he went back home to Atlanta and his family.

Bye LR. Thanks for a great visit.

p.s. I only spent $15 today.


Eagle Hike despite dismal forecast.

LR and I went on a wonderful hike in spite of a terrible weather forecast. We had the trail to ourselves because everyone else believed the weatherman.

I’m going to lose my buddy tomorrow morning. Waaaaaaa.

Elevation noticed.

Looking down into Eagle Canyon with its Washington Palm Oasis.

View up canyon with Murray Hill Peak in view.


LR signature move!

Sun highlighting the beautiful new snow on the San Bernadino Mountains.

A closeup.


A day with LR.

After I gave my Friday morning massage time to LR, I spent the hour and a half on El Paseo Dr. First visit – the MAC store. Next Starbucks, shooting the scene at the street side tables.

Dog owners are almost as interesting to watch as their dogs.

Picked up LR at 10:40am, early lunch at Luscious Lorraine’s and then went for a stroll down El Paseo with LR, all the while looking for a scarf for his wife. (We had almost a couple of hours to kill before meeting Mary Kay for a hike up the Bump & Grind.)

Nearing the end of our journey along El Paseo we found a scarf LR liked at Saks Fifth Avenue. Diana was working there and surprised LR and me with a gift from the Bobbi Lane counter she was working. Waiting for the nice scarf sales lady to wrap LR’s gift, I tried on a hat and shot off a couple of frames of me wearing the hat in my finest hiking clothes. I can’t image what all the shoppers and sales people at Saks thought of me and LR shopping in hiking clothes.

Pigtails and all.

Ryan, LR's oldest son, taught him, and me through LR today, how to create a shot like this where LR appears to be holding up Mary Kay. Well that's how it was supposed to look anyway.

Yesterday when LR looked at the photos I’d taken of him, he poo-pooed this shot, but I love it of him so I’m putting it here for Rhonda to see, since I heard from LR that his wife had checked out my blog yesterday.

The Thinker!


LR arrived today.

Had lunch at Marmalade at the Commons in Calabasas.

LR didn't like any of the photos I shot of him today. He said, "That guy is too old and too wrinkled." But I loved this shot of him. Thanks Buddy for coming out to visit.

Before lunch LR and I drove out Mulholland Dr in Calabasas to see the ranch that was home for 11 years (from May ’89 – 2000) when I was into horses.


My not-techie husband dared touching the iPhone during lunch.

It won't be long now before my husband has to have an iPhone too.

Hey Babe, were you really trying to figure out the iPhone or were you posing for my shot?


Patience pays off.

Back home around 3pm, the light was calling me outside with camera in hand, of course.

I didn’t know what to shoot. Then I remembered the bird that has been flying back and forth in front of the windows on the north side of the patio, always disappearing as she ended her flight, flying right into the middle of the dense bougainvillea bush. I got out the 400mm lens, set the ISO to 400, and dialed in a shutter speed of 1/500th at f11.

That lens is heavy so I parked myself on a patio chair, propped my feet up on the fire pit table and braced my arms on my legs while holding the heavy Canon EOS 5D Mark II and lens. I knew where the bird flew into the little opening in the bush (hoping I was right as the 400mm lens didn’t include a lot of area from where I was seated about 20 feet away}. I focused my camera on the leaves surrounding the opening, hoping I’d get the bird in sharp focus. Time passed. I got tired. I kept still. I waited and waited. No bird.

Until I noticed some movement on top of the bougainvillea bush. Where did that bird come from? I know the bird didn’t come from the direction it had been flying from over the last couple of weeks. I didn’t care though. My arms and mind needed a break. I started shooting the head of this bird on top of the bush even though the bird was partially hidden by the top branches. The bird looked like it was sun bathing or sleeping or something. It didn’t move much. When it did move a few inches, I shot the different poses. But basically the bird looked very relaxed and moved very little. Until…..I noticed the bird’s mouth opened. Hmmmm. I had the camera on continuous shooting mode and started clicking away as I was finally getting a different and more interesting look to the bird.

Before long I noticed something large and red was emerging from inside the back of the bird’s mouth. I’ve included some of the shots I took of what I was seeing. I don’t know what was going on. I’m hoping someone reading this blog will explain what I was seeing. It was so weird to see this red juicy ball of ??? exiting the bird’s mouth. I know birds digest and spit up the baby bird’s food but this bird wasn’t feeding a baby bird. I didn’t capture what happened to the red gooey ball of ???? I know there wasn’t another bird around. Inside reviewing my shots, I was surprised to find I didn’t capture the food falling from the bird’s mouth.

Hope someone will explain this all to me. Oh……..I can’t figure out what kind of bird this is. Vireo or Warbler maybe?????

Here's how the bird looked much of the 15 minutes I was watching and shooting it.

Then the bird's mouth opened.

Then it's tongue (?) came out.

And the red thingy starts to appear.


The bird must know I'm watching because it looks like it's showing me the thingy.

The end.


More bird arm chair photography.

Closed eyes? The glare from the water or doesn't want to get water in its eye while drinking?

Sneaking in front of my office window.

Over the rocks and on to where the seeds are thrown.

Avoiding the smaller bird's departure.


Too long without some fun shooting.

It was a duck kind of morning.

Normally we chase the ducks away as they leave a mess. This area is where we throw bird seed and the ducks have found it.

What's a little dirt if there is food to be had.

Food and water....these guys are quite happy. And I get some photos. Win/win.


Walk around the block before more rain.

Was shooting on aperture priority and my shutter speed was too slow at 45th sec. This is the only shot of the roadrunner that was totally out of focus.

The sun on the distant Little San Bernadino mountains.

On our walk Ray took me to his special best viewing spot to capture more of the fresh new snow.

View of the Little San Bernadino Mountains beyond the MHCC driving range.

This weekend is Founder's Day - scholarship fund raising for the employees of MHCC - This is Jerry, my friend Sandi's husband working his area:-)

And here is Sandi who 1/2 hour later checked Ray in before his Scramble tee time.

And here I am with Ray to the left. We were looking at all the old cars that were being displayed this weekend.