Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Blackberry photo of a baby pigeon.

Ray and I left the movie theater the other night and “Spotter” Ray found this baby pigeon on a car right in front of us. I couldn’t understand why this bird was letting me get so close. It still didn’t know how to fly! Ray, as a child, used to work with pigeons and knew right away what was going on.

It was dark and I was excited so the quality of this photo is for s…, but I had a ball trying to capture the baby. Photographing birds, squirrels or any animal makes me happy. Maybe I’ll be a wildlife photographer, but in the wilderness, not an underground parking structure).

Parking structure. This baby was hysterical trying to walk up the front hood of this car. The baby kept slipping backwards for every step forward as if it were walking up an icy playground slide.

I wonder how IPhone 4 photos look? I’m seriously thinking of going with the early release IPhone for current Verizon customers on Feb 3rd!

Bye Babe:-)


Off to a 4 day DLWS photography workshop in Yosemite.

My back is better (after having gone out last week). I’ve packed up all the camera gear I’ll be bringing to the Digital Landscape Workshop Series in Yosemite that runs from January 16th – January 19th. And I’m excited, and as usual, somewhat nervous. I’m always excited to learn, but I’m also excited because I know so much more about how to use my camera now. I also have so much more of a working knowledge of exposure and composition. So hopefully, I’ll be more present for what is being taught as opposed to being distracted with trying to figure out what all the controls and menus on my camera do.

Tomorrow Ray and I drive into LA (separately) for the Thursday night meeting. Then Friday, January 14th and 15th I’m off on my own, headed toward Yosemite. Two days to play. I might bring snowshoes as I understand the Sierra has plenty of snow.

LR will notice a number of big charges on the Visa card: 4 new tires, new brakes in the front, registered and tagged license, and a renewed and changed address on my DL (I moved 6 years ago!). Then of course I need Sorel boots (my son told me about them) seeing as I’ll probably be standing in snow at 5am for a couple of hours and then again around 3:30pm until dark each day of the workshop. It’s a good thing REI is on the way into LA!

Won’t be posting much here once the workshop begins. The first DLWS I took last year in Moab, UT was so intense I barely got 4 hours of sleep for the 3 workshop nights.

Just so you don’t forget who I am:-)

Me. Photo by Cindy Swain.


My turf.

Watching a kelbytraining beginning! photoshop video last night, I learned the value of the Shadows/Highlights adjustment located in Photoshop, found under the Image menu, Adjustments, Shadows/Highlights. The lower part of this photo was initially so dark you couldn’t tell what you were looking at before I moved the shadow slider which lightened only the lawn.

7am. This is just one of a zillion different looks I wake up to every morning.

And as I turn to the right and looked out about 500 yards I liked the light on the Arnold Palmer lake along the 16th and 17th fairways. This is where I shoot (out toward the east – the right side of the photo) when I go out early for sunrise shots.

Didn't get up early enough this morning for the sunrise.


Baby Noah takes his first bite of a hamburger.

Cynthia asked if I’d be in the delivery room with her when Noah was born. It was a magical time watching Dusty and Cynthia bond with their new baby Noah. Of course I photographed EVERYTHING the 6 hours I was in the hospital/delivery room. I even asked the doctor as Noah’s head was popping out if I could photograph him. The doctor smiled for the camera.

Noah's Dad, Dusty, emailed me this photo he'd take with his cell phone.


Art Suwansang worked wonders.

Art Samsusang

I don’t remember which link I clicked and how I found Art but boy am I glad I did. Art is not only a professional photographer but he is an expert and goes around the world teaching the photography software Adobe Lightroom 3. I hired Art for 2 full days (day 1 – 12 hours, day 2 – 14 hours).

For a couple of years, I have been living with the aftermath of two previous hard drive crashes where my photos were a mess, all previous organization was lost.

Art spent two days making sense of things that were way too overwhelming for me to even begin to make sense of. He set me up with a new Lightroom catalog system for travel and at home and taught me things about Lightroom I’d never read in books. Now all I have to do is sort through my old disordered photos (but no longer multiple duplicates thanks to Art) and file and keyword them. I haven’t been this happy since the days when Cupcake used to teach me and help keep me organized. Damn Cupcake for getting a home and a job!!!

Art P Suwansang Wedding Photo Journalist of The Year 2009 Society of Wedding & Portrait Professional, London, UK Wedding 64 ~ We Capture Your Best Memories... Info@Wedding64.com | | www.Wedding64.com

I purchased and have watched one of the 3 Tosca Act 1, Lightroom Singularity (incredible understandable Adobe Lightroom 3) DVD’s that Art sells on his website.


Trail Art.

6:30am hike up Eagle Canyon. Someone got ambitious and built this stone body.

Jen getting ready to mimic the stone body.

My back went out when I got in my car to drive to the hike. I’ve since canceled plans for tomorrow and will be flat on my back.


A good morning shoot.

Shooting northeast I luckily turned around in time to see this orange light on San Jacinto (the color lasted a blink of the eye) .

I've been lowering my tripod and squatting to shoot from a lower vantage point."

I'm usually so focused on trying to line up the perfect composition on wide angle shots I forget to relax, enjoy and look about for a smaller shot. I like the orange-pink sun light in the upper left corner.


A day of work, and a day of lots of laughs and play.

Cindy helped me try to figure out how to set up Scott Robert Lim’s lighting system I’d purchased a couple of months ago.

We started working on setting up this lighting system after a long day AND after dinner. Cindy and I were full enough to roll with the frustration of repeated failed attempts for almost an hour.

Why it took us so long was I was using a Canon Speedlight 580 EX instead of the SR Strobies that I bought from Scott.

Forty minutes into trying to figure out how to set up the Scott Robert Wireless lighting system.

Ahhhhh, success finally!

Now how to get Cindy to hold the pole/umbrella lighting system so the light falls on her face and not the back of her head.

It was getting late. We were tired. Who knew what we were laughing at. It didn't matter.

Finally, a pose with Cindy turned into the light source for the first time.

Ray made the mistake of walking by and I called to him asking if he'd come hold the pole/umbrella lighting system. Ray was good for one shot. Not bad.


Same day, same sky, two views.


A day in LA.

Lots of laughs with Stacy and Ann today.

Stacy and Ann in Borders.

Needs no caption!

Stacy likes to get ME.