Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Yosemite photos by Moose Peterson and RC Concepcion.

RC took the first two photos. Thank you RC, for taking these photos and for teaching me the importance of playing. You are my hero.
RC Concepcion’s website

RC Concepcion took this photo of me just before we ended our evening shoot.

John Bruckman’s photos

John and I buddied up at the Yosemite Workshop. Don't know what I would have done without him.

Our group shot taken by Moose Peterson.

When you find me, look for John on MY right in the purple top.


No luck on a hunt for the letter “D”.

After my regular Friday massage and before the One on One Mac Store I-Photo class, I parked on El Paseo and got out to shoot some letters (hopefully). Right away I met Art who was curious about why I was flat on my back in the wet grass, camera up to my eye, on the island of El Paseo. We chatted about photography and soon went into his store to look at my website on his computer. I really enjoyed sharing common interest in Photography. Maybe we’ll go shooting sometime.

An isolated boot from a beautiful art sculture on El Paseo in Palm Desert.

It was almost noon and there wasn't much to photograph at that time except for shadows.


Willie B.

Last Sunday I received a call from Bahiya, a very close friend of Willie B’s, letting me know that Willie had passed on.

Willie has been a role model, mentor and guide dog for Ray and me for over 20 years. We will miss Willie B. but never forget her. There aren’t many people who have touched my life and many other lives the way Willie B did.


Willie Mae BINGHAM (1924 – 2011)

BBSeminar, Sacramento 2005. That's Willie B. inbetween me and Ray.

Willie Mae Bingham, 86, was born in Spring, Texas on September 24, 1924 to Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Wunsche and Frances Tomlinson and passed away at home on January 23, 2011. She married Melvin “Cy” Bingham on June 13, 1948. They were later blessed with one son, Jeff. Willie graduated from Southwestern University with a teaching degree and went on to touch hundreds of lives in Spring and throughout the various states where she and Cy were stationed during his Air Force career. She was a devoted wife and mother. Willie’s life experiences enabled her an inate ability to pass on simple spiritual tools to many a friend. She loved country music-good ‘ole Texas conservatism- and riding motorcycles with her son. She was preceded in death by her parents; brother, Earl Jr. and wife Betty Wunsche; and nephew, Earl “Ricky” Wunsche. Willie is survived by son, Jeff and wife Wendy; grandsons, Ross and Lane; niece, Mary Wunsche McLain; devoted friends, Bahiyyah and Naimah Wright; numerous cousins, caring neighbors and loving friends. Visitation will be from 5:00-8:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at Earthman Resthaven. A memorial service will be held at 10:30 a.m., Thursday, January 27, 2011 in the Chapel of Earthman Resthaven. The family would like to extend a special thank you to the staff of Heart to Heart Hospice.


Quincy was a very willing model!

Quincy came to speak in the desert and I didn’t miss the opportunity to shoot her before we left for dinner.

Thanks Quince.

This photo captures Quincy character the best of all the shots.

What a sport. Don't know how Q kept it up. I was getting dizzy just watching her continue to throw her hair for the shot.


I need some models.

Another shot of Ray before our 5 minute session ended:-)

We could have had this backdrop but the football game called!


I did it!

I bought a Mac Book Pro!

LR, is there enough $$$:-)

Ray gave me 5 minutes during half time. What a guy.


Back home.

Out shooting early from Sentennial Bridge the morning before I drove home yesterday.

Back home in Rancho Mirage. 7:02am this morning.


Some morning shots before the start of the workshop.

I’m heading over to the beginning of the workshop. Here are some early morning shots I took.


A free day in Yosemite before the start of the photography workshop.

Driving on Hwy 41 I had to stop and photograph this colorful barn. It seems another woman had the same idea as she pulled off right behind me.

Going through the tunnel right before you enter Yosemite.

After checking in and carrying 5 trips worth of all my stuff up a flight of stairs to the second story room, I took a walk over to lower Yosemite Falls.

This is the view I have from my (lucky to have) corner room.

The roads are clear of snow, but as you can see they have had plenty of snow lately.


Travel shots while driving to Yosemite.

Fog descending the Grapevine.

Shooting my car shadow.

Stopped when I saw the parked train and shot some letters.

The train.

Atop the truck stop.

Just before I got back in my car and continued driving.