Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Spotter lives up to his new name.

Exiting the theater this afternoon the light was great, the sun was 15 minutes from setting behind the San Jacinto range. I asked Ray if we could look for letters because Carol Leigh’s class I’m taking begins tomorrow and the first week’s assignment is the letter “A”. Next week is crazy busy, so I knew I needed to get a little head start on looking for “A’s”. I applied a Lightroom filter to this photo. I’m using another similar shot for the class unless I find something better next week.

Ray is good for about 10 minutes max before he has had enough patience with my photography requests. But spotter that he has become, he had no trouble pointing out this upside down “A”. (Walking by Starbucks he found a double sided standing sign outside that looked like an “A”.) He should be taking this class……well, in a way he is:-) I must say he has a great eye.

Can't flip this photo upside down as the plane will be flying upside down.


Starting to pay attention to depth of field.

I like getting out there early when it’s dark and waiting for the morning light. Juggling carrying coffee, camera and tripod must amuse the early dog walkers.

The color and light changes every minute.

6:20am, yesterday morning. Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF 24-70mm f/2.8L, 30 sec at f/13, ISO 500, focal length 25mm.

6:25am, yesterday morning. Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF 24-70mm f/2.8L, 30 sec at f/11, ISO 250, focal length 25mm.


No letters, but lots of color.

1:45pm rainbow spotted by my husband. I have since given Ray the nickname “Spotter”!

I’m surprised these shots are in focus, I was so excited.

Because I could, I applied an OnOne LR preset - Wow b&w 02.

I looked back over my unselected photos from the rainbow shoot and was surprised to find this beginning of a double rainbow, one of the first photos I shot.



It's begun. (meaning I'm beginning to look) Looking for letters in all the wrong places.


Skype is great.

Ange and me Skyping yesterday morning.

Suzanne, see my Outlook reminders in the upper right hand corner……Work on Fred’s book!!!!


Out to look for letters. There are no letters in Rancho Mirage.

I have an upcoming photography class beginning January 1st. 26 in 26. Photograph one letter a week with hopefully some creative value. My head tells me I should back out of this class. Those enrolled are all “artists”, you know creative types. I am not. Visualizing anything is something I have never been able to do. If I see “it” I can tell that I like it, but I am incapable of closing my eyes and trying to visualize anything. I’m supposed to come up with a theme for the photos I’ll be shooting. Ha. A theme? I’m still working on trying to get the aperture and shutter speed and ISO right in the camera.

I signed up for the class hoping I could learn more about how to be creative.

Walking around the block in Mission Hills CC, looking for letters is like looking for snow in the desert. Everything is new, clean, uniform and not very interesting. So of course my head is saying trying to do the weekly 26 in 26 assignment I’m going to have to drive around and look for letters and that’s going to take more time than I have. I’ve been back and forth about whether I should call Carol and tell her I’m going to back out of ANOTHER class I’ve signed up for because I don’t have the time I’d like to have to do the assignment so I don’t feel like I’m just turning something in to turn it in. I keep signing up for classes with Carol because she is the best teacher I’ve ever had. I want what she has, except, she IS an ARTIST, so how the hell am I going to get what she has?

My head tells me those in the class know photomontage, know photoshop techniques, can draw, paint or carve a letter. Great, now I’m aware of my fear of what “they’ll” think about the simple stuff I would turn in.

I’ve thought about backing out of this class for the last two weeks. I’d feel better if I knew much more about photoshop but I don’t and I don’t have the time to sit uninterrupted and learn it.

I think it’s time to come to a decision and tell Carol as there might be others on the wait list hoping to get into her class.

Tomorrow, I’ll call her.

An art piece in the neighborhood I've photographed, but not before in silouette.

Looking for shots and getting silly like this art piece.


Thirty minutes of practice before the sun went below the mountains.

Dinner time.

This bird was on the shoulder of a woman driving in her golf cart. She let me practice using my 400mm lens.

Minutes before the sun went down behind the mountains, I moved close enough and was ready for this shot.


Used my Canon 400mm f/5.6L lens at the Salton Sea.

Around 2pm Ray and I drove to the Salton Sea so I could test out my new lens in some good light. Ray used his compact Canon G11 camera before becoming my spotter. What a team.

I had a ball and learned a lot. Using a prime lens (only one focal length) helps me learn the lens better.


A good, sunny day.

Another video song atop the Bump & Grind……..this time it was a birthday song to me (one day early), featuring Mary Kay, Stacy and Jennifer.

HB2Linda from Linda Jeffers on Vimeo.

Late start on hike prevented seeing the moon over the San Jacintos.

Stacy, Mary Kay and Jen on the bump & grind.

A hiker offered to take this photo of us.

Cropped 400mm lens shot of the snow on SJ.

The contrasting clouds on the San Jacinto range got my attention here.


American Wigeon – Marsh Ducks (Dabblers)

Flying by during a 4 minute break in the rain. Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon 400mm f/5.6L USM, 1/500 sec, f/5.6mm, ISO 650.


Male American Wigeon.

Ray doesn't like how the reflected white water detracts from the duck. I think he's learning more than I am!

Peterson’s Field Guide – Western Birds says the American Wigeon when swimming rides high and picks at the water like a coot. It’s nicknamed “Baldpate” because of its shining white crown.