Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

A double whammy: First season “real” snow and a full moon at 6:10am.

Headed back east to spend time with family for a while.

Happy Thanksgiving if you don’t hear from me while I’m away. (A first – I won’t be bringing my computer!!!)



Sitting in Starbuck's when the light made me pick up my camera. Isn't Ann pretty?


Best time to be out hiking.


Blackberry photos from a hike Jen and I took early this morning.


Stacy, her cast and crew, filming her current class video.

I spent last night on the workflow of photos I took (Stacy let me be the still photographer and will list me as such in the credits!) over a four hour period during filming of Mimimize Me.

I loved being a still photographer and feel very grateful for the opportunity to learn so much in a very friendly environment. Stacy was born to be a videographer. And now I’m thinking I was born to be a photographer. Maybe someday soon I can make some money shooting for money to support my expensive hobby. I’m looking at a lens (only looking LR) at a lens that costs $11,000!

Here is the link on my Smugmug Portfolio if your interested in viewing the photos.

On the heels of the recent blog entry on Life is Short, I find this on a wall in Stacy's home while shooting.

By the way, December 4th, I will be celebrating 2 years having had no sugar and no white flour products! So no eating cookies for me over Thanksgiving.


Click on this link and live your life.

You won’t want to miss reading this blog entry……


Tuesdays are now no-call day.

I’ve decided to shake things up a bit. I always complain about not having enough time to do what I want to do. I don’t work and I still can’t find time. So……….
I’ve claimed Tuesdays as NO Calls Day. Tuesdays I’m not scheduling anything other than what I want to do. It was scary to claim this day but I did it.

Yesterday I did something for myself. I didn’t go to my regular Monday night meeting. Instead I drove to the Corona Library two hours away and attended a SmugMug Meetup lecture by Scott Robert Lim on Fashion Photography with Portable Lighting. So glad I didn’t miss it. He is one hell of an educator and photographer.

He gave a large discount to us and I purchased some of his lighting gear and spent much of today becoming familiar with it.

Determined to learn lighting, I'm practicing on myself. I'm holding the strobe stick/umbrella set up with my left hand. Camera, set to 2 second self timing, is on a tripod in front of me.

Testing SRs scottrobertstudio.com Deluxe Radio Trigger Package and a 33 inch umbrella on a Strobe Stick.

More testing. Ray smiling for the camera even after I made him stand in this pose too long.

After shooting the previous shots, while walking back to our condo (400 yards away) I got Ray to pose for 3 shots before he resumed putting.

Here is the stick/umbrella combo.


More lake photos.


Walk out to the lake.

I’d packed up a new camera gear suitcase for my visit to Richmond, VA with my family. Each year one of us sisters hosts Thanksgiving for the four of us Sher kids and our families. Because my camera gear was packed up, my camera wasn’t handy, I used that as an excuse to not shoot photos the last couple of days.

This afternoon I stole minutes over about an hour to shoot across the lake, in between the many golfers now out playing on the newly opened Palmer Course. before having to retreat from the lake edge, to behind a tree, to avoid being in front of the golfers teeing off on the 18th tee-box.

I got lucky when this Great Blue Heron decided to open its wings. Unfortunately I had a circular polarizer on my 70-200mm lens, causing me to have to bump the ISO up to 1000. Most of the photos I shot were at 250th sec, between f/4 – f5.6/ leaving me very little depth of field (very little range of subject focus). I learned that I either have to shoot with more light/no filter in order to set my aperature smaller (to get more depth of field) so the other surrounding birds are also in focus.

I just started remembering to set my camera to multiple shots as opposed to where I usually have my camera set, on one shot. I wouldn’t have been able to capture the back to back movement of the bird’s wings if I had the setting on one shot.


Some of the ladies at the Slumber Party.

Ray's TV room!

Ann showing Ange something on her cell phone. Lots of laughter over the 24 hours.

Some outside round table talk and more laughter.


Ah, Taboose Pass wasn’t so bad.

Going through a few photos (that I still haven’t processed), I came across an aerial photo I shot of Taboose Pass, the 8 day backpack I did last summer with my friends. Fred flew me out of Mammoth for an hour long view of the 80 mile trail GateKeeper, Tailwinds and I backpacked in the Sierra.

I mentioned more than once that hiking up Taboose Pass would be a one time thing. But now, I’ve changed my mind and look forward to my next adventure in the mountains.