Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Let me count the ways…..I see Mt. San Jacinto.

The Club set up to play Halloween golf tonight. The illuminated fairways got me out the door.


Just when I think I’ve shot about everything there is to shoot around here…….

Once I noticed the color on the mountain, I ran for a camera. By this capture, the color had faded some.

And 20 minutes later, we got a rainbow.

Thinking about the photography gear I want to use next weekend at the 4th Annual Birthday Slumber Party for about 26 women, I pulled out the Orbis Flashring and practiced on my live-in model, Ray.

Orbis Flashring

I was practicing using the Orbis Flashring when Holly came over, so she willingly let me shoot her too.


PM shots using my 70 – 200mm lens fitted with a Sigma Teleconverter 1.4x.

I heard this Osprey before I saw him. Can't believe we have Osprey right outside our door.

Photographing patterns in the lake while waiting for the birds to arrive for their late afternoon feeding.

I got too close to the Osprey and he flew away.

This Great Egret walked the lakeshore feeding and not noticing how close he was coming to me.

This guy didn't come up empty handed very often.

Success, again.

Last shot before I headed back home.


Special time with Lee.

My sister Leila is visiting friends in the desert for a few days and she made time for us to spend time together most of the morning. I met Lee at Big Horn around 6am. It was still too dark to go on our planned golf course hike.

We walked a 100 yards uphill from the house Lee is staying in and watched the morning color, taking turns using the colored sky as a backdrop for first my silhouette and next hers.

I'm pretending to show my gratitude for this wonderful morning.

Leila posing and looking pretty good.


Need longer glass.

Two Snowy Egrets. You can’t see the small yellow loral spot before the eye of the Egrets, but I did when I enlarged the photo. I just read the spot is red when the bird is breeding.

A quick trip at 4:30pm, 100 yards outside our backdoor, hoping to find a blog photo.

A cropped and enlarged shot of the Snowy Egrets.


Golf course workers driving to work.

This worker drove by with his headlights on while I was out shooting the setting moon around 6:20am the other morning. The worker drove by and never looked up, obviously sparing me the embarrassment of being seen in my pjs.

Another early morning setting sun shot from the day I went out at 4am.

Early this morning I shot some more moon shots but accidentally deleted them when I formatted my camera card as suggested before updating the Canon 5D Mark II with the newest firmware update. Wasn’t too concerned with the lost photos as they weren’t great.


A day in Lake Arrowhead.

We left home at 7:45am headed for Lake Arrowhead. Ray spoke at a meeting located in the Lake Arrowhead Fire Station. I was asked to lead the meeting. Cindy and Jim who have a second home in Lake Arrowhead, friends of ours from MHCC, met us at the meeting. As previously planned, they took us to lunch at their Country Club followed by a golf cart ride to check out the back nine holes of their golf course.

Before returning home we stopped by their incredibly beautiful newly remodeled/redecorated lake view home. Home envy was going on big time.

Some photos from the day:

View as we drove up Hwy 173 at 9am this morning.


Cindy's husband, Jim.

And Cindy and Jim's Murphy.

Ray and I visited Cindy and Jim’s newly remodeled/decorated home located in a gated lake view area in Lake Arrowhead.

Their artwork is beautiful. Two pieces caught my photographer’s eye:

Love this piece.

And love the way I am reflected back in each of the balls in this piece.


Without balance and moderation, shot for 3 hours this AM.

Went to bed early last night and wasn’t surprised when at 4am this morning I awoke and knew I was getting up.

When I noticed the moon outside the kitchen window at 4:15am it was all over and I was outside the door shooting and setting camera settings, trying to learn more about night photography.

Around 6:20am, after occasionally coming inside to look at my photos on the computer, the first hint of color hit the sky behind me. Walking across the lawn to the 17th hole lake I set up for the morning light show.

The golf course workers started showing up around 7am. They don’t blink an eye when they see me, again, out with my camera, in my pajamas.

I took the last shot of the moon at 7:20am just before I headed back into the house and Ray’s, “Good morning”.

Awake at 4am and out to shoot the moon.

5:41am Experimenting trying to find the proper settings.

Torn between the newly arriving sunrise color and the setting moon.

East, west, south, north, the color in each direction made me dizzy.

View looking west at San Jacinto.

From where I'd been shooting I couldn't see that the moon was still up. Ready to pack it up where I'd been shooting, I looked up and west to see I'd almost missed the moon setting behind the San Jacinto mountains.


Playing yesterday afternoon for an hour and a half or more.

Double Crested Dormorant. Photo post processed using the Wow Antique 10 preset from onOne PerfectPresets Vol2 I uploaded for free the other day from the OnOne site.

Went outside yesterday afternoon around 5pm and came up with some shots I like.


Beauty and the beast.

Here's this morning's beauty.

And for LR, who requested an updated photo of my surgical scar, here is this morning's beast. Photo by Ray.