Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!


I’m enjoying the day, still in my pj’s. I knew today would be a day where I would stay inside and tidy up lose ends. I must be PMS. But being PMS when I don’t have to go out or be with people isn’t so bad. I don’t feel like I got alot accomplished today. Usually how I feel about myself is determined by how much I accomplish. Ray must feel very accomplished today as he went into town and did all our 8 day’s worth of laundry!

I believe tonight’s moon will be full. Last night I noticed the moon setting behind the mountains around 12:30am. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to stay up to photograph the moon. TBD.

I looked out around 6:30pm and noticed the wind had stopped and there was still about 10 minutes of light before the sun went behind the Crest.

I took about 170 in 10 minutes (the camera was set to multiple shots) hoping I'd catch a bird doing something other than just looking pretty.

I wonder if other photographers have to crop or do they get it right in camera.


FBF day.

Yes, today was fun, but yes, it was full.

Ray and I hiked with John and Cindy up the Mammoth Crest trail to the top. With a side visit to Crystal Lake we probably did a 6 mile hike, starting at 9200 and hking up 1500 feet. This was the first day I carried my backpack filled with gear. I was surprised how well I did.

PC, Laurie and Jeannie hiked up to Duk Pass and back down. Their hike was about 10 miles.

A 3 shot merged pano from our Crest hike, looking out at the Duk Pass Trail the others took.

Cindy took this shot of me and John on the top of Mammoth Crest with the Minarette

This bear looked and behaved troubled. He plopped himself down in between our cabin and another cabin, right out in plain sight. Ray had spotted him and noticed the bear groaning and breathing heavily. He wasn’t moving. We were worried. I called the Fire Dept looking for someone in town who could come and check on the bear. I said, “The bear is either dying or delivering”. We were told someone would come and look at the bear. I am worried. No one left a message letting us know if they came to look at the bear. When we returned from dinner the bear was not there.

After dinner at Whiskey Creek and before the meeting where Ray spoke.

George, Ray, John, Cindy, Laurie, Jeannie and PC.

Thirty seconds of color as we crossed the street.

Great talk Ray.


Being tourists with friends.

Ray and I had a fun day with our Santa Barbara friends. After lunch we bought tickets and took the bus down to the Devil’s Postpile drop off.

We walked to Rainbow Falls, passing Devil’s Postpile, walking another 2 miles south to Rainbow Falls before cutting back up to Red’s Meadow Lodge where we took the bus back to our cars by the Mammoth Ski Mountain. parking area.

Here are a few photos from our day. To see more, click here.

Santa Barbara friends who came for the weekend to hear Ray speak Saturday night. Ray, John, Jeanie, Cindy, Laurie and PC in front.

Devil's Postpile

Rainbow Falls


Some early morning flash and filter play.

I pulled out the flash equipment at 6:30am. I keep hoping the birds will grace me with a uniquely interesting posturing. In looking for something new I remembered I’d brought my lighting gear. So with a snooted Canon580 EX II Speedlight flash attachment, using a Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce and HonlPhoto Speed Snoot, I set out to spend some time learning how to use this equipment.

Sharing a meal.

Trying to find a new look for the birds.

While hoping for a different look, I started playing with filters.


I like being retired:-)

Ray's best to date.

At our turn around point on the hike today.

Lakeshore shadows got me. Used a preset filter called B&W for Landscapes (Canyons).

The call of Wilson’s Sporting Goods was irresistible. Ray’s birthday is 8/26 and I told him his birthday present was to go shopping at Wilson’s. On the way home we were gifted with the sun setting behind our favorite (and LR’s too) peaks.

A vision for you. Minarettes, Ritter and Banner.


Hey bear!

Ray and I are finally acclimated to the altitude. Today we hiked up beyond the Crystal Lake turnoff. Tomorrow I’ll start hiking with my backpack to get ready for the Sierra backpack with Tailwinds and Liz following Ray and my stay in Mammoth.

View looking south over Crystal Lake and Crystal Crag (center) and beyond on up to Duk Pass and the Mammoth Crest.

Descending back home, I shot this photo of our cabin to show the picturesque setting we enjoy. Little did I know this afternoon, there would be another reason to post this shot of the cabin with the large pine tree going straight through the porch.

Ray and I love seeing bears and kid all the time saying, “Hey bear, hey bear. Or, the bear is here for some birdseed.” So when I called from the living room at 10:30pm into the bedroom “Ray, bear!” I said it quietly as I didn’t want to scare off the bear who had climbed the pine tree and was now walking right outside the glass sliding doors on the porch.

I'd heard a loud thump outside just before lifting my eyes from the computer to see this brown bear. I could bearly (sic) stand how excited I was and knew Ray would be if Ray wasn't asleep already.

Ray thought I was teasing about there being a bear on the porch, so I shot off this poor photo as proof, just before Ray got out of bed realizing I might be telling the truth (for a change!)


Clouds this morning. Yeah!

The birds are a great alarm clock. When it’s time for them to eat, everyone knows it. And thank goodness for the birds this morning or I would have missed the cloud covered sky which I’ve been waiting for to shoot Crystal Crag and the Mammoth Crest.

4 shot pano of Mammoth Crest and Crystal Crag.

Single shot of Crystal Crag at 6:41am.

Photomerged 3 shots taken at 6:42am at 3 different exposures, one stop under and over.


Shot over 500 photos today.

Near the end of Ray and my walk around Lake Maime tonight, I stayed behind by water’s edge capturing a variety of tree reflections. Here is one of the abstracts. To see more, click here.

One of about 15 abstracts shot today at Lake Maime.

I finally got some photos of the noisy baby birds today. Here is one. More tomorrow.

I've got the birds trained and they have me trained. Birds: They get me running for my camera with their loud squawking. Me: I open the noisy porch screen and the birds arrive within seconds.


Crystal Crag Lake hike today.

This is a picture of the cabin at Wood’s Lodge we stay at in Mammoth, CA every year for 3 weeks. Wood’s Lodge looks down on Lake George.

We love this cabin at Wood's Lodge, Mammoth, CA.

I’m beginning to upload some photos I’ve taken here in Mammoth to the Portfolio section of this website. Here is the direct link to view photos of Crystal Crag Lake. The hike Ray and I took begins at the far end of where we are staying. We hiked about 1.5 miles up to 9,600′. We are finally beginning to acclimate a bit and as you can tell, we aren’t rushing into any strenuous activity.


A warmer morning shoot from the porch balcony.

What I learned from this morning’s shoot:
I need to use a split level neutral density filter shooting Crystal Crag and its reflection in the lake.
Wait until there are white puffy clouds in the sky to shoot the Mammoth Crest and Crystal Crag.
Pay attention to my background when shooting the birds and squirrels.
Change the White Balance setting to cloudy from auto when shooting early so I don’t have to change the settings in Lightroom later.
Plan ahead and REMEMBER what works and what doesn’t and don’t fire off frames that aren’t lit right, action isn’t interesting, background is yucky.
Take my time. I get so excited.
Remember to change from one shot to multiple shots so when my shutter speed is high enough I have a better chance of in focus fun action shots.
Breathe! Hours go before I know my back muscles are killing me.
And, take time to smell the roses while I’m shooting…..like I did yesterday late afternoon on my walk around Lake Maime.

To illustrate how lost I get in either shooting or post production, I went out to shoot at 6:00am. It is now 11:00am and I’m finally going to have breakfast. I must be having fun or I wouldn’t have forgotten to EAT!

Sierra Crest reflection behind this stellar jay.

Gotta love the 6am feeding frenzy.

My best subject lets me get so close. This is cropped to best show off his prayer pose.

Cropped shot.

The bird on the left is always talking. He's loud and we always know when he is around.

Early boater on Lake George.