Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Phew, I can carry my heavy pack.

Ray and I really enjoyed our hike up the San Joaquin Ridge trail. The weather has warmed up and it felt good to be out again. I was worried about trying my backpack out with everything I’ll be carrying in it. The SJ Ridge trail starts out at 9265′ and goes up about 1200′ in 2.25 miles. So I got a good test going up and coming down the 2.5 miles. I won’t say it was easy. It was actually the hardest day I’ve had hiking with my pack. But Tailwinds and Liz and I will be starting our backpack in four days at around 5,600′. And, the first day out we’ll be hitting the trail around noon and only hiking up into the Sierra about 5 miles. So, hopefully I’m good to go.

My friend Tailwinds arrives tomorrow. Her mate Fred is flying her into the Mammoth Airport around 8:30am. Fred is then going to take me up in his plane to get some shots of the Sierra. Unbelievable. Normally I’m very frightened to fly in a small plane, except flying with my brother who I trust completely. I hope I’m able to hold the camera steady through my fear.

Ray's getting good at taking photos. I wanted to show off my full pack weight backpack, with the NEW orange Big Agnes Fly Creek tent.

To see the tent….(i’m sure LR will be checking it out.)

View from the San Joaquin Ridge hike today.

This view of Ritter and Banner is for LR.

My hiking hubby.

After dinner in Mammoth I ran into this little girl and the bird she's had for two weeks.

Male Brewer's blackbird.

The Intimidator found some nice light just before the sun set.

This little guy hung out so quietly right behind me for longer than any birds hang out.


Mammoth Pass hike and home to feed our hungry critters.

Hike over Mammoth Pass on down to Red's Meadow. Can you see Ray?

Click here to see a few more photos from hike.

And now for a few photos of our very hungry birds and squirrels that weren’t happy we were away so long today…..

Gluttony is this one's name.

And good old Intimidator.


A winter day in summer.

Ray went out early to buy some bundles of wood and fire starter. We had parkas on in the cabin. Ray asked me to make a list of what to buy at the market as he knew we weren’t leaving the cabin today. It was 39 degrees when he drove in to town at 8:30am.

A very cold morning. Ray woke me to come see the snow falling. It only snowed for a few minutes.

We really needed a fire to keep us warm in the cabin. It was an inside kinda day.

I pulled out the vivitar transceiver and receiver and shot photos from inside.

This little guy and lots of his brothers kept begging for food. They were cold too.

Later in the day I ventured out on the porch and used some on camera flash to photograph the tamer birds, like this baby who is getting used to me.

The chipmunks are much more interested in food than running away from me.


Today is a special day and I’m mighty grateful.

Early morning clouds over Crystal Crag.

A celebratory brunch with Ray and my friend Katy. Her chicken fajitas looked so good I'm gonna have to go back and order this dish.

After Ray did our laundry (I know, I'm very lucky), he brough me home a Starbucks and these pretty flowers.


My dear friend Katy is here for a visit.

Katy is my trail journal transcriber. We met online.

Katy is now my good friend.

Katy lives in Yosemite and we believe this is her 4th visit to Wood’s lodge since we’ve been coming.

Ray and I really like Katy.

This is Katy.

This is Katy's hand.

And Katy and my shadow.

Here's Katy.

And here is where we hiked to.

Here is what we saw before we climbed the steep hill home.

Can you tell we had fun.

Katy is not wild about me taking photos of her. I sure hope she doesn’t mind that I’ve posted what I’ve posted.


Ray’s 66th birthday today.

On Ray’s 66th he did 6. Six miles going up to the Mammoth Crest from Woods Lodge in Mammoth, 1500 feet, starting elevation: 9100′, ending: 10,560′. Trail grade: 616 feet per mile. Not bad Ray. Happy Birthday and thanks for a great hike and great day together. You a now an official hiker. Outta-sight. That’s your name.

Happy birthday Ray. Fantastic hike.

Carrying (almost) full weight.

View from Mammoth Crest.

Looping back to regain the trail back down. Ray is pictured here, but you probably can't see him. I know he's there though. What a great birthday hike.

Ray says that 66 feels real old, much older than 65. He said, “Just wait and see on your birthday when you turn 66.” I will probably hate it too, but I wonder how many people are out doing what we did today. Thank goodness we can still do what we love, hike.


It was a cabin kinda day.

Shot from the cabin today because we never left the cabin.

Thought the clouds would turn a magnificant color, but they didn't. B & W looks better than the original.

I couldn't decide which B&W I liked better. Which do you like?


Another long fun day that passes too quickly.

Hanging until 10am. Special time with Ray. Movies (popcorn!) – Eat Pray Love. (yuck), Visitor’s Center, hike to Barrett’s Lake where I took way too many photos, made tacos for dinner (yummy), and have been working photos for the last couple of hours. Hope you enjoy a few of the photos I’ve posted as much as I enjoyed being out there (loaded down with full pack weight) shooting the great reflections in Barrett Lake not far from where our cabin is.

A couple out on Lake George around 5:15pm.

Walking along Lake George, I ran into these two gentlemen showing their dog a fish. Of course I had to get a photo of them.

Barrett Lake.

An X for Carol Leigh.


Some more flash, but off camera.

The baby is back, squawking to be mouth fed.

Checking it out.

Bye bye.

Shot this before I took the camera off auto focus.

Lots of activity with the last feeding before the birds retire for the night.

Kinda liked this photo but not enough to leave it without using a Lightroom preset filter called Rocky Mountain High.


No moon, just it’s light on Lake George.

12:15am, Sunday night, at Lake George, Mammoth, CA

This was a first try in a long time photographing at night. I have much to learn, but am pleased I stayed up and tried.