Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

AM and PM walks.

I’ve just started shooting with the Canon 40D, my previous big girl camera, because I’m going to be carrying it into the Sierra with me when I backpack from the Taboose Pass Trailhead up to the John Muir Trail and over to Vermilion Valley Resort with Tailwinds and Liz. I’ll have a 17mm to 250mm zoom lens on the camera. I’ve never wanted to carry the weight of a large camera before. But I figure I can do anything for 6 or 7 days.

I can sure tell the difference in the performance of this camera and my new Canon 5D Mark II. I also notice a big difference in the quality of glass on the Sigma zoom lens on the 40 D.

I’ve been trying to shoot in manual mode. Everytime I change direction I’m changing settings.

7:30am find.

8:00am sighting.

7:15pm find.

8:00pm photo of distant San Gorgonio.

San Gorgonio in the distance.


Just in…photos of me taken by David.

I had a great time on the Scott Kelby 2010 3rd annual PhotoWalk last Saturday. I believe there were 30,000 photographers all over the world who participated in this walk.

Once I got the courage up to join in on this worldwide photowalk, I googled where I might find a local group going out. Bob Adams, was our local Riverside PhotoWalk leader. Fifty of us took off on the streets around the downtown Mission Inn area in Riverside, CA, an hour’s drive away for me.

I spent much of the beginning of the walk with Kevin Toohey, the gentleman with whom I’d recently taken two photo classes. Midway through the walk we met another new friend named David. Kevin and David have been photographers their entire lives. I learned a lot during the walk from both of them. Meeting up with both of them made the day very special.

This morning David sent me the two photos he’d taken of me. The two photos I shot of both David and Kevin were out of focus. Drat. That just means I’ll have to shoot with them again.

On last Saturday's Scott Kelby's 2010 Photowalk in Riverside. Photo taken by David, a new friend I met.

David took this shot of me as well.


Few shots from the Scott Kelby Photowalk Saturday.

I uploaded more of the photos I shot on the Riverside Photowalk I participated in last week on my Flickr site (my old site I haven’t used in a long time).

After having warmed up to the idea of walking in the water.

Pure joy.

To be so uninhibited.



Photography teacher and me practicing.

I’ve had two lessons with Kevin who lives in Corona. It’s quite a drive to his house but I’ve learned a lot. I had no idea how much I didn’t know about my camera, lighting and other basic considerations related to settings appropriate to good exposure. He’s got me shooting in manual mode now!

Like anything else, I learn so much more when I ask for help.

Kevin Toohey



Love my no fuss, no muss, pets.

Before the bite.


Checking out our BBQ.


Just heard from my webhost…..no posting for a few days.

The transfer from one server to another is finally taking place. I’ve been asked to not post anything new until the move is completed.



Up early again to beat the heat.

I’ve been setting my alarm for 4am. I need about an hour before I’m ready to do anything. Around 5:15 I’m out the door with the 5D Mark II camera around my neck for some sunrise shots and exercise.

I misunderstood Erik, my website host and web server. He still hasn’t begun the process of transferring my site information from his old server to the new one yet. So I could have been posting after all.

Pre-sunrise this morning.

Mama duck still has her 3 ducklings!

Met Carol out walking her dog and she and I walked for an hour and a half after I put the tripod away and she dropped her doggie home.

Inviting golf course homes make for nice am reflections.

Shots from Sunday and Monday:

Beautiful cabin we'd like to rent in July and August 2011 in Idylwild.

Decor outside the second Idylwild store we stopped for coffee at that was closed.


Web server change, will prevent me from posting for a couple of days.

I was just informed my web host is changing servers. Nothing will change for you viewers but I’ve been asked to not post anything for a few days.

I’ll begin posting again, as soon as I get the word the move has completed.

Morning Dove at noon.


Birthday photos.

A special dinner at Sherman’s Deli before the Cornfield meeting in Palm Springs where Cynthia and Dusty celebrated their birthdays.

Cynthia and Dusty

Dusty's mom, sister and stepdad.

Used on camera flash for fill in.


Enjoyed reading about tips on posing for portraits.

Looks mad, but he's not. I'd been reading about portraiture, asking Ray to try out different poses and I think he was about done with being my model.

Wanted to take the action of shooting portraits, rather than just reading about taking portraits. So before the meeting Susan and Debbie posed just across the street from the meeting while we were waiting to be let in to the room. I’m using the Canon D40 fitted with a Sigma 18 – 250 lens.

Thanks Susan.

And thank you Debbie.