Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Always something to see and shoot, if I’m looking through the lens.

Every time I go outside my home to shoot, I say, ” Why bother, it’s all the same. It’s vanilla. Why don’t I live in a big city.”
Every time, I see something different.

I started shooting just outside the door.

And then walked towards the 18th hole lake.

Walked around one end of the lake where ducks hang under the tree.

Back around the lake..... towards the lake by our place.

And one more photo before heading back inside.


A late 9:30am breakfast of flowers.

Caught! Bunny eating our yellow flowers. How cute. These bushes need constant pruning, so go for it bunny.

Reading, reading, reading all day long so far. Jason came to wash my car. I knew I’d have to see him when I paid him. So I took off the bottom of my pj’s and put on shorts so I’d look somewhat presentable. When Ray came in for golf and we had lunch, I don’t think Ray knew I hadn’t brushed my teeth, hadn’t brushed my hair, hadn’t showered, hadn’t done anything since getting out of bed but replace my pj bottoms with a pair of shorts.

Here’s what I’ve been reading: http://super.nova.org/DPR/ Chuck Gardner’s photography and lighting tutorials offer baseline concepts for beginners. He makes sense to me.

I can’t let go of trying to understand more about lighting (photography in general too). I’m well aware I’m out of balance. I’m also aware I’m happy spending the time I am on photography (even if the learning is coming slowly). Spending time on photography related activities is a want to rather than a have to. It feels good to be making myself a priority. I must be getting healthy enough to not be worrying what others think of the way I spend my time.

I wonder what comment LR will leave:-)


It’s becoming a routine…..the 6:30pm camera walk around the course and lakes.

Tonight’s walk was different. I actually met a neighbor named Jerry. I spotted him off in the distance throwing a ball in the lake to one of his two dogs. I’d just decided I’d set my camera up for some action shots and thought photographing the dogs would be interesting. It was. I made my way over and found Jerry open to some chit chat. Jerry mentioned his dogs’ names probably a 100 times and I can’t remember their names because I was so focused on getting focus.

Playful subject.

Tireless dog.

Evening view 300 yards out my back door.

Found some light.

Where the land meets the water is what caught my eye.

Another sunset. Sorry Lane:-)


The remainder of today….

Some afternoon shots following a day of enjoyable reading David Ziser’s new book: Captured by the Light.

Different view of our condo.

View north out our bedroom glass doors.

7pm lakeside palm tree reflections.

First ever infocus panning shot I've taken.


A willing, patient, model.

Melissa came over this morning. I asked her if she’d be willing to give me about 20 minutes so I could practice some with my flash equipment.
I ended up not using the flash equipment and shot this photo in the living room with ambient north side floor to ceiling window light.
Canon 5d Mark II, 70-200mm lens at focal length 140mm.
f/2.8, 1/30th sec, ISO 320

Now I’m headed back to watching the OneLight off camera flash DVD to see what I was doing wrong.

Melissa allowing me to practice shooting portraits.

Thanks Melissa.


Photos from the last two days.

Too tired to blog last night upon my return from LA. Here are the photos I intended to share on yesterday’s blog.

Couldn't believe this driver risked talking on his cell phone, hand holding it, driving in a car this color.

Borders is where you'll find us on Thursdays when in LA.

Heather in the Mexican food restaurant, El Rancho, where I'll be on Thursday nights when in LA.

Went out tonight around 6pm with an extender on the 70 – 200mm lens.

The ducks don't let me get close.

There were no birds to be found on the lake when I reached the large tree I was going to sit under (hide under) while waiting for bird shots, but this little guy at the top of the tree got my attention with his song voice.

Across the lake from our home, out for an evening blog shoot.

As I'd hoped while crouched waiting on the other side of the lake, a bird appeared.

I'm not spotted yet as the bird gets closer.

And then he was off.

Five feet from home this bird stayed long enough for this shot.

I was ready for the bird's flight, but wasn't quick enough for an infocus shot.


Bump and Grind, alone.

Too hard to resist my signature photo.

Spotted Mr. Chuckwalla just before the end of my hike.


Speedlite practice.

Trying to figure out way too much and THEN retain what I’ve learned. Basically I’m at the beginning of a learning curve and am just setting up my camera and lightstand and Speedlite flash shooting away hoping some understanding will miraculously occur.

I wish my son lived closer. He’d have no trouble learning off camera flash photography.

I think it’s time I join a camera club.

1/4 power flash, 1/60 sec, f/5.6, 70mm, ISO 200

No flash, 1/60 sec, f/5.6, 70mm, ISO 200


A great morning yesterday.

I’ve been having trouble getting on my site at night lately (when I usually blog).

Yesterday I got to hike and catch up with my good friend Pat who lives in Pasadena who is out here in the desert for a week. I think I might have blown it though. Last night at the meeting, Pat came hobbling in. It seems the morning Bump & Grind hike did her feet in. Oh my. Do I feel bad.

Pat Y on the bump & grind yesterday morning.

After the hike, Sandi and I met in the pool for some water weight training. Earlier would have been better, as trying to remain in the thin shadow of a lone palm tree to avoid the 10:30am burning rays of sun was tricky. Water is so calming.

I tried to find some filter for this photo as the extreme contrast between the water reflected sun light and the palm tree shadow was a bit too much.

Sandi loves being in water.


Sunday, fun day.

After doing the Bump & Grind with Mary Kay at 6″30am, once home, I walked around our neighborhood with Ray on his walk. Sandi called me on my cell during the walk and it happened we were 2 minutes from her home. She joined us on our walk and happened to mention that her husband and some of his friends were playing the Westin Golf Course which we happened to be walking by. We figured based on the guys’ tee time they’d be at the 15th hole. I had my telephoto lens and wanted some shots of the guys. I convinced Sandi and Ray we should deviate slightly from our walk course (Ray is not fond of changes in plans) and see if we could find the guys playing golf. We did find them. More photos of them on the course are uploaded to the portfolio section of my website here.

Ray, Dusty, Jerry, Todd and Brent.

p.s. Walking the neighborhood with the Canon 5D Mark ii with the 70 – 200mm lens attached makes for a great dumb-bell workout for my arms and shoulders when not shooting.

I’ve taken to leaving my camera and telephoto lens out on my desk and jump up and photograph local visitors when the light is right.

Local visitor this morning.