Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Getting out to shoot, just so I can say I did.

Home sweet home.

Hallowed Black filter applied to a SJ sunset.

I seem to be stuck in a daze from too many sleepless nights last week and from my sadness over the newly installed desktop computer acting way too unstable. I’m spending lots of the day trying to trouble shoot problems I have no business trouble shooting. Clayton had come and worked on formating my computer the day after I returned from the Photography workshop. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. I believe I even said, “Wow, this is going too well.” I called him the next day because of the computer crashing I kept experiencing. He came right over on his lunch break. I was impressed.

But then I had more problems occur.

Clayton couldn’t get off work at 3pm today to work for me as planned. Then on his way home around 6:45pm said he was beat (understandably) and couldn’t focus. He’ll be coming to help me tomorrow morning. (Katya and Tina arrive right around the same time Clayton is supposed to work for me.) Hmmmm. Maybe this is a good thing for the two single ladies and single guy.

Changing computers even when everything goes great (which I actually have never experienced) is difficult. I’m so used to my plugins, presets, filters etc. Each day I realize what else I’m missing, not where I expect them to be on the new computer.

I wish I had a full time techie assistant here all day. Anyone interested?


A few photos from Moab, UT.

Have been dealing with new computer problems (what else is new) and am so frustrated I haven’t looked at many of my photos from the workshop. I’m not feeling good about not having posted in so many days, so here are a few shots.

Side road off 128 at the Moab - 20 miles sign.

Day after workshop end, happy to be out shooting on my own with Bernie.

Bernie, a new friend from the workshop.

Was thrilled to find this flower. Shot with a 50mm lens plus extension tube.

Water source for nearby Ranch home.

Dead Horse Point in Canyonsland. Taken early the second morning after workshop, below I packed up to drive home.

Dead Horse Point.


Digital Landscape Workshop Series in Moab, Utah.

I was told I’d need a vacation following this workshop. They were right. I had four nights of 3 – 4 hours of sleep each night. From the time I woke at 3:30am until I returned to my room, we all were going non stop with the 18 – 19 hour knowledge packed workshop days. I barely had time to make a 5 minute call to Ray. I was told my phone mailbox was full. Well, I never had time to listen to messages, not to mention returning phone calls.

I was very impressed with this DLWS workshop and would highly recommend it.

Here are a few photos. I’ve really only had just enough time to upload my photos from the morning and evening 6 shoots.

Some of our group at Mesa Rock in Canyonlands.

An evening shoot in Cisco.

The Window.

One of the workshop participants at Mesa Arch.

A fellow student at Cisco posing for me in late afternoon sun.

Fisher Towers area.

Looking east at Mesa Arch.

Near Fisher Towers.


No photos today and tomorrow.

Tomorrow at 2pm we participants meet for the beginning of our DLWS Workshop. Tomorrow we won’t be going out to shoot. First thing at the Workshop everyone gets their computer monitors calibrated. A lot more in the classroom happens as we stay until 11pm! My computer monitor is so dark I can’t even work photos. At home I use an external monitor which I don’t have with me. Last night I worked some photos I took yesterday but have no idea how they look on my blog. So, I’m not posting photos until I get my monitor calibrated.

Today I went into Moab and drove around checking out the lay of the land. The Farmer’s Market wasn’t great so I went to the store market and purchased more food to have on hand as there will be no time to go to town for food once the workshop starts as the Red Cliffs Lodge, where we will have mid morning to mid afternoon classes, is 14 miles out of town.

Next I drove out Kane’s Road along the Colorado River until the paved road turned into dirt. I drove back towards town and stopped for a mile walk in Matheson’s Wildlife Preserve with all my camera gear.

Back to my room where I made a nice healthy lunch and read more about the area. My room phone rang and it was Sandy Tickle. I’d emailed back and forth with him asking if I could be one of the workshop participants to drive in his car during our morning and evening workshop outings. We drove into town for a not very satisfying Mexican dinner.

I won’t be posting any photos for a few days. Hope you check back and hope even more I get some good photos on our 2 outings Monday.


Checked in to the Red Cliff Lodge and settled in Moab, UT.

Cropped version of Colorado River geese and their babies not far from my room.

Here are a few photos I took today. I am in the most beautiful place ever, AND, I love my room. Moab, Utah rules!

I took a quick walk along the Colorado River shoreline just below my room which opens up to a view of the river to die for.

I ate alone. Food was not good, but the view from the dining room made up for it.  While I was eating I notice three of my instructors, Moose, Kevin and Laurie. Joe must not be here yet. In our participant worksheet, references were made to not engage the teachers before the workshop. I obeyed and did not say hello or even look like I recognized them when they walked in. Inside I was going, “Oh my god. Here are the photographers I follow online daily. It’s neat knowing so much about them ahead of time.

I sure hope I’m not coming down with a cold. My throat is very sore.

View from my room. Not bad is it?

I'm in a single level, water front room, as opposed to these cabins that each look right out on the Colorado River too.

First rafters going by as I was reading outside.

Second rafters. Woman has her dog with her (also in a life jacket!).

View while I was eating in the dining room.

Just before I quit shooting.

Ray just noticed this post was up. He wants to see photos of my room. I just shot off a couple with the 5D Mark II with the ISO set to 2500. I’m surprised how well lit these photos are. I hand held them too (at a 1/10 of a sec!

Look at all that camera gear I have:-)


Near St. George

On the road again.


Back to running from morning to night again, not shooting at all.

I cheated. This baby was born last year:-)

I pulled this out of my archives. Cute baby hummingbird isn’t it. Well I’ve not made shooting a priority because the days seem to get filled up with other priorities.

I’m spending some time during the days making sure I have all  my photo gear, software and computer related goods ready for the DLWS photography workshop in Moab, UT I’m headed off to Thursday. I’m really looking forward to meeting the teachers, Laurie Excell, Moose Peterson, Joe McNally.

Driving in to LA for the Baby Meeting tomorrow. There will be 6 of us from the desert in Stacy’s car.

Wednesday is a full day, which leaves Thursday morning before 10:00am to pack up the car before I grab a quick manicure and pedicure on my way out of town.

I’ll stop in Vegas and visit Connie, who just heard she is now the #1 DJ in Vegas after only 4 months of being on the Oasis radio station. Connie is on from 3pm – 7pm. Once on the website I linked, click on live stream to hear her.


Saturday MHCC hiking group up Hwy 74.

Our MHCC Hiking Group this morning on the Cactus Spring Trail up Hwy 74.

l>r (rear) Diane, Joe, Bernie, Barbara, Linda and Judy up front.