Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

A play day with Ray.

Our day began with a game of golf.

Early golf game on the Pete Dye course. I had no idea I was bending my left arm on the backswing and taking my club so far inside until Ray took this shot.

After golf – swim and jacuzzi.

And after an early dinner at home, we went out in the golf cart again. This time so I could take some photos. Ray putted a bit too.

Ray spotted this bird who patiently allowed me to get close enough to photograph him.

Everyone feeds the ducks. They run over to everyone which isn't so great but worked for some early evening photo ops.

Running towards us at a gallop.

What a wonderful day without too many “to-do”s. I did have to get the Baby Meeting Agenda ready for tomorrow. I’m driving into LA tomorrow with the desert ladies.


May 31st – Happy 20 year Anniversary to me and my hubby Ray!

Stacy pointed out the - Green Baby - writing in the street after a hike. She knows we call each other Baby. I didn't have to stop too much traffic before Stacy clicked off this photo.


Fun hike, new friend and a visit to Margaret and Dallas’ house finally.

7am hike I lead with the MHCC hikers.

Mission Hill CC hiking group on the PCT south of Hwy 74.

More hike photos here.

One of the new MHCC hikers, Don Porter, joined me after the hike, on a long overdue visit, to see Margaret and Dallas’ special place up Hwy 74. Their home reminded me of when I lived on the ranch. I loved the peace and quiet of their wonderful home and porch views of the Santa Rosa mountains.

Dallas and Margaret.

Dallas enjoying his wonderful view.

We got to meet Dallas' 3 horses.

My new friend, Don, saying goodbye to Margaret.


Dinner with John, Sandi, Jerry, Zenny and Mario tonight.

It was a special night. John, a sponsee of Ray’s from Santa Barbara, spoke at the ABC meeting. Then at the end of the meeting, Jerry was given his 1 year cake by his daughter Dana and his wife Sandi. Dana and Jason drove down to the desert from LA just so Dana could give her Dad his 1 year cake. Quite emotional.

Before entering Tipico's for dinner before attending the ABC meeting where John spoke tonight.


Gotta have my hike shadow shot.

It’s been a long time since I’ve hiked (or exercised at all for that matter). Thank you Stacy and Mary Kay for making a date to hike.

I believe I’m back to regular exercise again.

Willing passing hiker took this shot of Mary Kay, Stacy and me this morning.


Mary Kay, thank you.

Today was scheduled back to back and I knew I wouldn’t have time to go out and shoot. So when Mary Kay stood to leave after our visit, I asked if she’d be willing to come outside with me for 5 minutes so I could shoot her for my photo blog entry today. I can’t wait to photograph MK again, but when I have more time and set up some lighting. I held a silver reflector down low to the ground, angled up at Mary Kay’s face with one hand and shot holding my camera vertically in the other hand. Looking through the lens of the heavy camera and trying to get the hand held lighting correct was a we bit difficult.

Isn’t Mary Kay a great subject?

Mary Kay didn't realize when she came over today that she was going to be my blog entry subject.


PM scouting for bird shots.

Out for a change of pace after an 8 hour 5th step inventory.

Busy bird, feeding babies.

Change of feeders.

Next feeder.


A day without a computer glitch!

Because I didn’t shoot any photos today and because my photo archive is on the non-working external (that I forgot to mail off to Scottie today), I shot this photo of the new and old computer. Exciting, right? Well, it’s all in the eyes of the beholder and I think it’s very exciting that I had a glitch free day on the new computer.

My workspace.

Sunday morning when Katya and Tina were here I shot photos of Tina outside with the 85mm lens with a reflector almost on the ground, camera left. Only this morning did it dawn on me that I had a neutral density filter on the lens. No wonder I wasn’t getting the light I thought I should get.

Tina likes this shot.


I like this one.

Tina's look I know and love.


Late golf with neighbors after more computer problems.

Won’t spend time and emotion explaining the particulars on how Scottie, my angel from heaven, spent 3 hours using Gotomypc (where he had control of my computer from his house) except to say that he did find a solution for the corrupt Outlook .pst file which prevented me from accessing all my Outlook information. I’m up and running on Outlook again.

I needed to get out and Ray didn’t hesitate when I asked if we could go play some holes of golf now that the earlier gale force winds had stopped.

Habituated ducks running towards us for food.

Alana, our neighbor, feeding ducks while I'm shooting away.

Couldn't resist getting us both in this shot.


Willing models.

The girls came down to hear Katya speak tonight. I made use of my willing subjects for about 10 minutes of shooting right before we all went for dinner. I used my 85 mm lens. The depth of field (how much of a subject is in focus) is minimal. I try to get the person’s eyes in focus. But if I’m off by less than a quarter of an inch, the shot is out of focus because I have the aperture open 2.5 to 4.5.

I also learned just how important my backgrounds are in general, but also matching up my subject’s hair color with the right background color. Taye’s blond hair popped when we moved from the patio white wall background to the green ficus tree as a background for her blond hair.

Clayton came over to work on my new computer problems. He (and Scottie, Ray’s sponsee who helped me pick out the computer and then set it up for me before I came home from Moab) determined that my I/O (external hard-drive) was what was causing my computer to crash. That’s the good news……my computer works fine. The bad news…….the small portable hard drive is bad and it contains all my photos, I mean ALL, like 400+ gigs of photos. I’ll be sending the bad hard-drive off to Scottie who will try to get my photos off the drive. If he can’t do it, I’ll be spending about $600 to have a company get the photos so I can copy them to my new computer’s mirrored 1.5 Terabye drives.

I actually had been backing up the small portable drive with another external drive but the external drive crashed right before I left for Moab. I think I’ve had about 4 hard drive crashes in the last 1.5 years! Clayton got me set up with an online company where I’ll be backing up photos to cyberspace from now on. I’m done with external backups.

I now have no access to my entire photo archive until I get the recovered photos back. I don’t know what it is about me and hard-drives but having them crash sure sets me back in working on projects.


Taye (1)

Taye (2)



Katya and Taye

Clayton, my new computer man.

Clayton and the girls had a good time with each other. He even gave a man’s perspective on what their computer dating profile descriptions sounded like. Lot’s of laugh were had today which kept me from wanting to cry.