Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Really scary winds Wednesday night.

The high winds forced me to worry whether my vehicle could actually be blown over during a strong gusting crosswind I encountered on my drive home from a meeting Wednesday night. I quickly entered Mission Hills CC through an entrance I don’t usually take, just to find a break from the wind.

Scary high winds last night!

Cleanup begins.

Apparently not the least bit phased by the extreme winds the night before.


La Luna

Driving home from a long day in LA, I amused myself taking photos of the incredible moon tonight, first with the compact camera set to ISO 1600 on aperture priority and then shutter priority.

Believe it or not, I rarely shoot shutter priority. The dial on the compact camera somehow got switched to TV. Using shutter priority rendered a nmber of really giggly blurred shots. Feeling stupid I have not ever shot drive-by shots on shutter priority before, I was surprised to discover how much more in focus (not great focus, but much better) my moon shots were using TV. Duh!

This photo was taken with my cell phone.

Taken from the fast lane on the 210 freeway.

I am writing this blog entry from the car. We’re at Calimesa – about 35 minutes from home and bed. Ray and I are tired.
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Stacy modeling on our morning Eagle Canyon hike.

Mr. Dove modeling for me.

And San Gorgonio beyond the valley floor.

A welcome visitor. Who isn’t welcome? All the ducks we chase away that gobble up all the bird seed and leave poop all over our patio.

The colorful Western Tanager is back again.


A little surprise color burst tonight.

Cloud cap over San Jacinto.

I was outside the back door shooting as this color popped. I did nothing to enhance the color in Lightroom. The entire sky in all directions came alive with this red. It was quite startling. I used the 85mm lens that had been on my camera from earlier. Too bad I didn’t go back in and change to a wider lens.

Out of the camera color in the sky.


PCT Class of 2010 Thruhikers and section hikers.

I believe about 250 hikers registered for the Annual Day Zero PCT Kickoff held at Lake Morena, CA this past weekend. Many of these hikers had already started hiking and got rides back south to attend this event located 20 miles north of the California/Mexico border. Many hikers, already on the trail heading north, did not attend the ADZ event. And then some of the PCT hikers and thrus have not even started their hikes yet.

The thruhikers will hike the 2,660 miles from the southern terminus to the northern terminus, through California, Oregon and Washington.

Section hikers will hike as much as their available time will allow.

Class of 2010 PCT thruhikers at ADZPCTKO at Lake Morena.


A few shots from the weekend at Lake Morena.

Thruhikers, the morning after a very wet Thursday, at Lake Morena.

Friday morning at Lake Morena.

Spotted this spider webs on my way down to the lake. (Next time I'll use a tripod.)

Driving home Saturday night just before Anza.


Wind and rain for a couple of days.

Jaime and Ray driving by my office on the way to Ray's 3rd shot and Jaime's 2nd shot on the 5 par.

The mountains stopped the rain from coming into the Coachella Valley, but the S.J.’s got some snow. Margaret called at 7:30am this morning to cancel her 8:30am appointment with me saying it was snowing up the hill where she lives.

Clouds over San Jacinto during the day.

I leave for ADZPCTKO tomorrow to bring the bandanas down to the PCT Class of 2010 hikers. I sure hope it doesn’t rain while I’m camped at Lake Morena. It can get very cold down there. I’m bringing my big girl camera and 70 – 200mm lens to practice before I take off May 6th to a photography workshop in Moab, Ut.

I’m not packed for the weekend yet and it’s late.

Thank god Tim was voted off American Idol tonight. (Now you know why I’m not packed!)


The 70-200mm lens got some action today.

My 12:50pm drive-by hello.

Ray outside on the 15th. He always drives off the fairway, in front of the office window, and waves (because I'm always! there.)

Ray and his buddies on the Palmer 15th.

A very busy Mama, uses this umbrella top landing spot, before flying under the eaves to feed her young ones.


My Dad would have been 100 years old today.

My Dad, Saul Sher.

I miss you.


Sunday morning on the Pete Dye golf course.

Ray is a wonderful golf instructor for me. We’ve been talking about my playing golf again (he’s missing his golfing buddy:-)), and this morning (while Ray was out practicing) I got a call asking if I’d like to come play the Pete Dye Course with him. Sure!

I shot a 45 for the nine holes we played. Not bad considering I haven’t played in I don’t know how long.

Ray asked me to play golf this morning. Glad I did.

This bird is a Cormorant (I think).

I googled Cormorant bird and found the answer to why this bird was swimming around and around with its wings outstretched. Unlike other waterfowl, such as ducks and geese, the cormorant lacks oily feathers that make the bird waterproof; so cormorants are often seen with their wings outstretched as they dry them.

Ray hitting back onto the 9th fairway.