Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Day 2 pics from Whitewater River area.

Up Whitewater Canyon.

Working the Whitewater River.

Didn't spend much time photographing water.

Took 175 photo in about 2.5 hours and was hard up for pics for critique.

Looking back toward a ridgeline up to San Jacinto from Whitewater River crossing on Cottonwood Road.


A great day with Jack.

Day 1 – Joshua Tree late afternoon with Jack Dykinga.

Our photography workshop leader, Jack Dykinga.

Looking for design.

Most fun.

Not wanting to leave, but we had to.

The payoff for staying 5 more minutes.



Beginning of the Palm Springs Photography Festival.

Up and out for a hike with Stacy at 7:30am carrying my PACK.

Stacy's shadow and me.

Wanted a shot of Stacy amongst all the yellow flowers.

The thrill of being at the start of the Palm Springs Photography Festival this afternoon was going up to Rick Sammon and introducing myself. Brave me.

I’d recently bought his book – Digital Wedding Photography Secrets (He has written so many books you have to go to page two of this link to find this book listed!) I love the way he writes and told him so. He said that he didn’t like writing. That’s hard to believe with all the books I just noticed he’s written.  I wish I could have attended a seminar he is teaching tomorrow but it conflicts with my Jack Dykinga workshop.

Rick Sammon!!!! and me. Photo taken by Russell Hart (I handed Russell my compact digital camera with incorrect settings.)

It’s time for me to make sure all my camera related equipment I’ll need  for the workshop tomorrow is all in order.


Tomorrow starts the 5 days at the Photography Workshop.

I’ve been trying to get ready for way too many things before I attend the start of the Photography workshop tomorrow night and backpack one day after the end of the workshop.

It’s a long story I’m too tired to tell, but the Workshop sent out an email asking if someone would be willing to change workshops. The Master Class I’d signed up for (mistakenly) somehow has 17 people signed up and only 16 are allowed in it. An email was sent out to all who signed up asking  if anyone would be willing to switch workshops and receive an incentive of a partial cash refund. I volunteered to change workshops as I’d been feeling I was in way over my head anyway. It turns out I was correct. I was told this workshop is mostly comprised of professional photographers.

I am now in Jack Dykinga’s Landscape workshop. I don’t know if I’m happy about being in it or not. I know I’m not real excited and I paid a lot of money. It might be fear playing games with me. We’ll see.

I haven’t exercised in the last 7 days. This is going to be one interesting backpack, because I definitely won’t have time for training during the workshop.

I’m getting up tomorrow morning early to get out for a hike with Stacy.

Once this Photography Workshop starts I don’t know how much time I’ll have to report in here daily. Hopefully, I find time to show some of the stuff I’m shooting around here locally in Joshua Tree and other surrounding desert landscapes.

I did get some very important things accomplished today: manicure and pedicure, hair color and cut, bikini wax, marketed and made dinner, plus 6 hours in front of the computer working and taking phone calls. Getting ready for not being around is a lot of work.


A volcano in Iceland is erupting.

I dream about taking one of Laurie Excell’s photography workshops. I signed up to receive email updates when Laurie blogs photos from the workshops she is currently doing.

Laurie just posted a link on her blog where you can check out a video of an Icelandic volcano erupting. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Below is the link to her blog.


I’ve been looking through tons of my photos.  I got lost daydreaming and looking at old PCT hiking photos. I came across this photo of Yogi and me on Mather Pass in the Sierra.

Gottago and Yogi on Mather - 2003.


Reliving my past.

A few posts back I mentioned “trail” names in the March 19th blog entry. I couldn’t remember how my trail buddies, Yogi and Cupcake, got their trail names. I wrote to both of them asking if they wouldn’t mind sharing with me how they got their trail names.

Yogi wrote:

It took me a while to find it, but here it is — from my 1999 AT TrailJournal:

That reminds me, I have a trail name now.  After having vetoed several names (sniffles, rainbow, gypsy, pink lady, hopalong, Forest Gimp, midnight, sprite), I agreed on YOGI.  You see, I’m very good at yogi-ing food, water, rides, etc.  Yesterday, while we were trapped in the shelter by the rain, I got a powerbar from the boy scouts (it was gross, but I ate it), an orange from the dad, candy bars from 2 spring breakers, filtered water from Tim, and a banana from freaky Auntie.  Today, I got another banana and the PBJ sandwich from freaky Auntie, sun-dried peaches from 2 kids staying here at Silers Bald Shelter, AND an entire days’ food from a thru- hiker named Pat (pop tarts, sausage/cheese, mac-n-cheese dinner).  Pat gave me the entire days’ food because I’m now short a day of food, due to my short day yesterday.  So, I’m now YOGI.

If you or anyone is interested in doing a section or thru-hike of the PCT, visit PCThandbook website. Yogi loves data. She’s good at recording and remembering data. She knows the PCT like the back of her hand.

Gottago and Yogi on the PCT trail '03 (under snow) in the San Jacinto Mountain range.

Our campsite the night before, just as it began to snow on us.


Success finally!

My heros: Randy and Josh.
I’m up and running to mobile blog. I still can’t get email on my Blackberry but they set me up with a WordPress app that doesn’t require email.

Photo taken with a Blackberry.


At least I finally got out today.

Another day spent troubleshooting email mobile phone blogging. I met a very nice computer man though.

Here is an interesting assortment of photos I found myself shooting while walking around the block. All these photos have “lines” in common. I actually was looking for deep shadows and line but hadn’t really thought I’d found any, until I started reviewing what I’d shot.

The 4:30pm shadows caught my attention.

Here the triangle of grass was the interest.

Light on the fountain water.


Well hidden flag.

Liked the curving roots.


Many days later and……….

….I still can’t get email to work on my Blackberry cell phone using my regular email. I MUST surrender to get my life back. Troubleshooting this problem has probably consumed 3 full days in total now. I am powerless over getting this fixed until my web server gets back from the Photography World Expo he is attending.

An upper level Verizon tech set my Blackberry up with an old gmail address I have so I can mobile blog when I hit the trail on the 11 day PCT backpack I leave on next week. My regular computer guy has just joined the Service and I’ll be meeting with his replacement tomorrow to help me set up the new gmail email to work with WordPress (which is what I use to blog). I wish I were more self sufficient in these matters, but I’m just not and never will be. Over the last few weeks that I have repeatedly talked to people trying to troubleshoot this problem I have become knowledgeable about terminology but that’s not enough.

While working at my desk, since early morning and still in my jammies, Stacy and Jim and their Grandkids drove by in their golf carts wearing ORANGE!!!! Where were they last week when I had the Orange Photomotivation assignment.

Grammie and Gramps Jacobs and their Grandkids.

Went out to photograph Stacy and Jim's Grandkids in my jammies (at noon!) when I spotted them driving by,


Saturday’s MHCC hike on a 7 mile section of the PCT.

The wind died down, the temperature was in the high 70’s, there were 8 of us on Saturday’s hike and we all agree that this 7 mile section of the PCT from the PCT trailhead just north of the I-10 freeway that goes through Gold and Teusong Canyons before reaching the Whitewater River Canyon is the MHCC Hiking Group’s #1 favorite hike during the peak wildflower season (or anytime really.).

To see more of the 40 hiking photos I uploaded, click here.

We probably missed the first peak wildflower bloom for many flowers by about 2 – 4 days, but we still had a great display.

In Teusong Canyon, taking a break at about 4.5 miles.

We did hit the peak on the poppy bloom however! We weren’t disappointed.

I should have posted this photo in the photo assignment “Orange” folder in my Photomotivation class (that is ending soon, but starting up again April 1st if anyone is interested.)

Hit it right for the poppies!