Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

A getting ready day.

Driving Tina to the airport this morning (after we both checked out of the hotel), along the Moose Wilson two lane road, we and 50 other people pulled over, pulled out our cameras and were told by a ranger (how he got there we don’t know) to stay on the farthest side of the street away from the black bear who was standing on his hind legs eating berries 20 yards away, oblivious to us – as if he were all alone in the wilderness. Yeah, we finally saw a bear.
After dropping Tina off at the nearby Jackson Airport, I started on a day of errands and preparation for the Workshop that begins tomorrow night at 7pm.
Here is what I did today:
Drove to the Cowboy Village where I wanted to check in but was told I couldn’t until 1pm or so. (It was 9:25am)
Ate at the coffee/bagel place nearby….ummmmm good…..whole wheat bagel, cream cheese, lox, capers, red onion and tomato!
While eating made a list of what I wanted to do to be ready before the start of the workshop where I won’t have time to do anything other than pre-sunrise shoot, inside lessons, practice software, critiques, work on morning photos, afternoon shoot and dinner with group.
Next door to the coffee/bagel place, I made an 11am appt for hair color and manicure.
Drove out to Radio Shack to replace broken phone headpiece.
Gassed up car.
Hair and nails.
Tried another check in at Cowboy Village. Sat for 20 minutes for room to be ready. Checked in.
Packed up my backpack and “old” photo equipment backpack and drove to UPS where I had these things sent home.
Made a big mistake not taking the warning of a lady coming out of Albertson’s who said to anyone who was listening, “Save yourself the frustration, the computers are down.” After an hour and a half of waiting in line to be checked out at 3 different checkout counters (it’s a long story), I finally left with my food. Most people left their full baskets and left in frustration. Actually, the management was suggesting customers could do that – leave their baskets if they couldn’t wait. (I would have left except I heard Smiths and another market had the same computer problems.) I’d wanted s/f ice fudge pops but knew they’d melt. Tomorrow.
Unpacked and put away groceries for the week.
Did laundry so all my clothes are clean from having been in the suitcase and never hung up the last 13 days.
Ate dinner: Chicken breast, 3 small tomatoes, whole wheat English muffin.
Shot a crappy shot of the crappier smoke filled sky as it was turning pink from the setting sun. Boy are the instructors going to be unhappy when they find out they have been having prescribed burns here for the last week or so. Not good for landscape photography.
Opened the box sent to Ray from Adorama, that he then sent to me, containing my split level neutral density filter and EF 25 11 Canon extension tube. After putting the tube on my 50mm 1.4 lens, I googled and read about tubes and split level neutral density filters since I’ve never used them before.
When Ray called tonight, I told him I felt like we both did when we were in Sweden, attending a meeting where everyone was speaking Swedish, no one paid attention to us, (no, “Hi how are you’s”) and I felt left out and alone. Why did I tell Ray that story? Because I think there are two workshop participants here, one in the cabin next to me and one 2 cabins away. I smiled at the woman who was walking in to the cabin next to me to talk to a guy. I was hoping for a little dialog but she turned away to talk to the guy inside. Then I heard the woman say as she walked back to her cabin, “I’m ready when you are.” I kept looking out my window, making sure neither of them noticed me looking. The guy came outside and was going through what looked like a photography backpack getting it ready. So I thought, “They’re not going out to dinner as I had initially thought, they are going out to shoot!” I walked outside pretending to get something out of my car, hoping a conversation would start up and maybe I’d be included in their outing. But the guy was very preoccupied and had major head phones on (listening to music – I’d heard him playing his guitar earlier). No luck. No conversation. I retreated to my cabin and watched, so I wasn’t noticed of course, as they drove away together. Boo hoo.
Now this whole tour bus ride of mine originated while reading the online forums that were set up especially for all of us workshop participants to introduce ourselves and say something about ourselves. Reading the participant’s introductions/comments I found out many participants had already taken workshops with the leaders before and four of the participants had formed ongoing friendships.
When I told Ray how I felt, he said, “Oh I know you; you’ll be right in the middle of everything in no time.” (Or something like that.)
Where’s Tina?
My cabin is all set up with hanging clean close, clothes in drawers and not still in my suitcase. The fridge has something for breakfasts, lunches and tons of snacks to take on the shoots.
I’ve blogged and now I hope to God I can just relax. How do you spell relax??????????????


5 Responses to “A getting ready day.”

  1. lr says:

    ……………..LJ, very busy head. What would we do without “tour busing”.Obviously a sign of creativity and intellect. Transition of having a buddy to do things with to being alone would be uneasy for me for a time. Have a ball on your workshop. LR

  2. Keith Partridge says:


    No worries, us Partridges are a friendly group and you’ll have no problem fitting in. We can always use another band member.


  3. katya says:

    It’s early Sunday morning and you’ve already made friends by now. Thanks for being honest and sharing your tour bussing, it helps to know I’m not alone!
    Love you

  4. Joanna says:

    All better now? I am sure you are already in the mix, who could resist your warm & friendly personality….. and I mean that! love you!

  5. tina says:

    Hi Linda,

    Hope your workshop is going well. I am sure that you have already made friends with some of the members there.

    Miss you. First day back at work. Hard to get back into the swing of things.

    Have fun. See you soon.

    Love Tina

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