Linda JeffersIn a world of so many great photographers and writers, I am venturing into some unknown territories, leaving comfort zones, finally very willing to practice the art of seeing. By maintaining the practice of posting daily photos, I hope to continue learning about the possibilities that I trust are out there for the taking.

Come join me on my journey!

Day hiking on the PCT.

Too much socializing at ADZ.

Lazzora and I day hiked 6 miles to Boulder Oaks Campground. This will make a 12 mile day hike – the farthest I've hiked in a while. We met Nathan, a thru hiker from Seattle taking a lunch break.

I'm anxious to get on the road to meet Tailwinds.
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Dennis Olga Salon

A day of beauty before I get dirty on the trail.

Dennis does my hair. I'm trying to see if I remember how to send a phone photo in an email to my blog.

Here goes.

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Heading back to New Mexico for a 91 make-up mile backpack with my friend, Tailwinds.

Last year I backpacked all of NM except for the 91 miles I skipped from Snow Lake to Pie Town.

I will drive back to NM straight from the annual ADZPCTKO weekend I attend each year. I leave for the KO on Thursday morning. I haven’t decided if I’ll drive to NM Saturday night or Sunday morning early. Sunday I meet my friend and backpacking partner Tailwinds in Quemado, NM. We’ll spend Monday driving to drop one of our cars off at the Snow Lake Campground and then driving back to Pie Town to the start of our southbound hike back to Snow Lake.

I’m not very well trained, but neither is Tailwinds. Tailwinds is a very special lady I met online. We’ve become good friends, mostly over the phone, so I am really looking forward to spending face to face time together.

Tailwinds is Suzanne Finney’s trailname. She hiked most of the PCT last year and will be finishing up the remaining miles later this summer. She is an exceptional writer and is well into the process of writing a book of her PCT adventure.
Here is a link to her journal:

If I have reception in NM while on the trail I’ll post some photos. Otherwise I’ll update my trail journal from last year after I get home.

I’ll be back home on or before May 7th. I’m leaving just in time. The temperatures are rising here in the desert.


Sleepy? Tired? Need a burst of energy? Click on this link.


How the hell did someone capture this fantastic happening?

Thanks to Carol D for sending me this link.


A balmy night walk around the block with the Canon Powershot A640.

Ray probably thought he was safe going out for a walk at night with me. You see, during the day I usually stop and take way too many photos and Ray usually just walks on leaving me to whatever it is that has my attention.

Today it was near 100 here. We knew this morning we’d be doing our exercise after the sun went down.

The night was so balmy. The walk went by so fast. I was fascinated with shooting hand held photos of the night lighting when the shutter was open for a full minute. Trying to get an in focus shot was out of the question but I still was curious what the photos would look like. I had the ISO set to 800.

We’re walking on Inverness Drive and I’m shooting back across the 15th fairway lake to our home (the house with the palm tree growing out of it!). I used a 100% sepia photo filter in Photoshop to hide a tiny bit of the noise or excessive graininess.

Ray is already back home when I shot this photo of our street. Our home is at the end of this cul-de-sac. I actually sat down on the street pavement trying to get as much as I could of the lighted tall palm trees.

I entered our courtyard and began shooting the lit cactus. Almost ready to go inside, I noticed my shadow. I never pass up a shadow photo op. I even posed, turning my head to the right to get a good shadow outline of my profile, while I’m holding the camera out away from me with my left hand, trying to check to see if I’m actually framing myself properly in the LCD. I’m glad the neighbors can’t see into our courtyard. On more than one occasion I have been accused of self obsession. But the neighbors don’t need to see it. After I got this shot and I came out of my shooting blackout, I looked to see if Ray had been watching me. Nope. He was at work on his new Lenovo Thinkpad T500 probably shopping for, yes, another putter. ‘Cause you know, like a new camera will make me a better photographer, Ray is on a never ending search for the newest and bestest putter. Every day! Oh, Ray isn’t going to like that I wrote this.

Look how long my pony tail is getting.


Yesterday’s hike on the PCT looking for thruhikers.

Hike: 8.5 mile hike/2251′ elevation gain, accessed from Hwy 74 (Palms to Pines Hwy) off Fobes Saddle Rd (a 4 mile dirt road that goes to a trailhead that connects in 1.6 miles with the PCT at Fobes Saddle.

I planned this hike for the Saturday MHCC hike so I could, 1. check out snow conditions on the PCT and 2. run into some PCT thruhikers.

I have posted photos and descriptions of this hike on my Smugmug site.

The highlight: Meeting PCT Class of 2009 thruhiker, Neil from Seattle, WA. At the end of the photos he is pictured holding the new PCT Class of 2009 bandanna.

On the way home from our hike, we noticed 4 thrus at the Paradise Cafe, and two coming down the trail just before the gate at Hwy 74 where the PCT crosses the road.
Lots of early starters.

There were 4 empty gallon jugs of water at Fobes Saddle as of April 18th.


Fearless baby geese.

Ray is in LA until tomorrow. He stayed over Thursday and tonight for two speaking engagements. Not having my normal routine….like making dinner…which I have no interest in doing when Ray isn’t here…left me wandering outside around 6pm. I’ve wanted to see how close I could get to the Geese family. I got close. They obviously were already quite habituated to people.

I shot the photos below with my Canon 40D and 70 – 300mm lens on a tripod. I used live view and zoomed to 5X trying to get the geese in focus. Boy, you have to work fast with moving subjects. You also have to know your camera well to move fast. I see I need to go out more often with this particular lens and with my larger camera in general. Not many of the photos I took were in focus. I’m thinking I should never zoom all the way to 300mm if I want an in focus shot.

I was shooting just outside our condo which means I was on the 15th fairway. Thank goodness only one foursome of golfers played this hole during the half hour I was out with the geese. I hid behind a narrow tree as the golfers took their 3rd shots to the green. One of the golfers noticed me hiding behind the tiny tree in line with his shot and was polite enough to not curse me out for his duffed approach shot.

The night was balmy, just the perfect Palm Springs weather. I understand we’ll be in to 3 digit temperatures by the weekend.


Live Eagle nest and 3 chicks in the sidebar of my blog.

Carol Leigh posted a live view link to viewing an Eagle Family in British Columbia and I’ve embedded the link off to the right and down the sidebar of this blog so I can monitor the daily goings on. Very cool AND I get to see the birds without the mess in my courtyard.

Click on the screen located in the sidebar of this blog for previous happenings in the day. Wait a second to connect to the live view. Turn your sound down this family is LOUD.

Don’t forget to check out the other Seekpoints on the Live View link, especially the one where dad brings gull.


A 100% morning.

Walked to the 6:50am Xizer class at the gym this morning. The 15 minute walk warms me up for this upper and lower body class. Then, what I really like about walking over to the class (rather than driving) is I walk home and play with the Canon PowerShot A650 IS handheld camera that goes with me everywhere. It was a beautiful morning and I felt 100%.
Mt San Gorgonio beyond the MHCC Clubhouse.

Lingered out on the 15th fairway outside our place hoping to see Mr and Mrs Geese and their 6 new babies when I spotted this 100 yard marker reminding me I can have a 100% day anytime I want.

I’ve been hoping for, and not so patiently waiting, the major camera companies to put a rotating LCD on their “real” cameras. The rotating LCD allows me to take photos without having to bend over and risk my back going out. Everyday I visit http://www.dpreview.com/ hoping to find a new model “real” camera with a rotating LCD. While on Scott Kelby’s site which I also daily visit, I found this on his April 14th blog entry: Nikon Announces New D-5000 DSLR with HD Video, Swivel Screen, and More!

LR, better put some more money in my account. tee hee! (The camera is supposed to be available at the end of April – too late for the upcoming New Mexico hike.)


My low and high in the day!

The low:
Before leaving this ER room, I shot a photo of where I’d hung out this morning from 7am to 11am after waking with a pain in my chest that scared me.

I’m fine now. No one thinks the pain was heart related, but after calling and canceling a morning workout with Stacy who said I should go to ER and then calling and talking to Keenan (Ray’s retired cardiologist golfing buddy) who said have Ray take you to ER , I decided I better go. Ray drove me the 7 minutes to Eisenhower Hospital’s ER. Ray knew the procedure would take about 4 hours from the last time we’d been there.

This is the second time I’ve gone to this ER since we moved to the desert with concern over heart related pain. I didn’t want to go. I hate going there. I feel like a hypochondriac or the girl who cried wolf. It’s the 4th time I’ve been in the hospital or ER since we moved here. First when I fractured my hip bike riding, next when I had an systemic reaction to a red ant bite, and then the two heart pain related scares.

The pain in my chest went away in the hospital. After eating lunch at home, the pain came back a bit. The ER doctor wants me to have another cardio stress test but he, and I too, think this is gastrointestinal. Maybe my nightly popcorn snack is playing havoc with my intestines or esophagus? Do you think? Wouldn’t that be horrible? Anyway, I am not worried, so I hope you aren’t either. Just reporting my day.

The high:
On the evening news, Brian Williams reported a story about this lady singer and gave the viewers this link to hear what he was referring to. On the news clip I noticed Simon Cowel was involved as it was some British American Idol type show. I raced to my computer to view this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY The judges mouths fell open and remained that way as the woman continued to sing for her audition.

Another video brings tears to my eyes.