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Franklin Covey Store Slip

Last Tuesday we planned an excursion on our Baby Meeting Day. You can’t believe, or maybe you can, how much fun we had shopping for our new 2009 Franklin Covey organizers. The adrenalin rush was amazing. Not that I ever did the work in school, but I remember the rush when I’d buy a new school 3 ring notebook each semester. Our shopping slip in the Franklin Covey store produced lots of satisfaction and joy. Now I have the prettiest and most perfect 2009 Organizer. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

L – R Stacy, Linda, Margaret, and Sandi.


6 Responses to “Franklin Covey Store Slip”

  1. akvirtue says:

    my favorite part of this blog entry is that you call it a “slip”.

    next stop – Franklin Covey rehab.

  2. gottago says:

    It was a planned slip though. That makes it ok!

  3. lamont says:

    LJ, 89.95 for a notebook!! didn’t they have any of those $2.99 3 ring binders and $1 for the paper refills? We could use some duct tape to hold it closed!!

  4. Tasty's Big Butt says:

    I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love paper. The way it smells and feels and the blankness is like a canvas. I should also let you know that I cant shop for paper. It would truly be a ‘slip’ for me.

  5. Katya Gutierrez says:

    I just got my Franklin Covey refill in the mail yesterday! I have been without an official date book for 10 days and it’s been making me crazy! I have to restrict myself to just buying the refills…..if I went to the store I would have bought every accessory and a new binder (even though mine looks great). So I understand!!!

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