Gottago's PCT 2007 Adventure

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2007 will present new levels of challenge for me. Since I last thru-hiked the PCT (in 2002), I have changed, my life has changed, and my body has changed.

So, even though I have hiked the miles before, I have fears that are creating doubt about repeating the feat. I don’t fully know why I’m called to hike the trail again.

First, my body: Even though I broke my hip 18 months before I’ll start this hike, I’m more concerned about my back. I have on-going, chronic back trouble. I have a back that goes out and I also have burning, radiating pain that has increased in area and intensity yearly. On past hikes, the burning pain would go away when I hiked. I think that will be the same for this hike. What has changed is that the weight of the pack on my back feels different. I worry that I don’t have the structural strength sufficient for continuous long days of hiking. My husband and others have repeatedly reminded me that before previous long hikes, I have expressed many of the same fears and doubts. So, I’m proceeding, hoping my fears are just fears and not reality.

Next, my life: When I first started thru hiking in 2002, I felt like I was on a search for a new life. Now my life is full and complete. Why would I walk away from it? I haven’t a clue, even though I find myself searching for the answer to that question daily. My concerns are about leaving the people that I love: my husband, Ray; my sponsees; and my family and friends. My husband and I have come to a comfortable place with each other and in retirement. More now than ever, I live a charmed, uncomplicated life. So, I’m proceeding, trusting that what I’m supposed to learn during this hike will enrich what I already have and love.

The mountains are calling and I must go.
- John Muir

Never take counsel of your fears.
- Stonewall Jackson