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Gottago's 2002 PCT Journal

The sections below link, by month, to my PCT journals. Or let the arrows guide you.

Pre-trip   A couple entries on my ice axe and crampon lessons, travel to ADZ at Lake Morena and 1st view of Campo.

4-24-02: “Yes, I will be backpacking from the U.S./Mexican border, along the Pacific Crest Trail, all the way to Manning Park, Canada. That is my plan. But right now, at this very moment, that sounds insane!”

April   Campo to Lake Morena-My first 20 mile day in my life… And Lake Morena to Scissors Crossing.

4-30-02: “Hiking today was long, very long. I can’t believe I’m doing the kind of mileage I am.”

May   Scissors Crossing to Kennedy Meadows

5-8-02: “I liked being alone this morning when I got up. It was warmish for a change. There was no wind. I got to see another beautiful sunrise…. As I am now eating my breakfast, a hummingbird flew right up in front of my face – one foot away. He looked at me and flew off. Wow! Just another special moment.

June   Kennedy Meadows to Sierra City

6-9-02: “When I had to cross snowfields where the slope was steep, I really focused. I kept wondering why I was out here doing what I was doing?! I’d think, “What is a 57 year old woman, without a lot of snow skill and NO snow equipment……….doing out here on this snowy mountain?”

July   Sierra City to Thielson Creek 30+ miles past Crater Lake National Park

7-13-02: “While walking through some high population mosquito territory, and grumbling to myself, one of my grumbles startled a bear cub, maybe 50’ away on the trail. As I looked up from swatting critters, I got to see the cub turn and run off. I didn’t stop to look for Mama. I picked up my pace fearing the cub might have given Mama Bear the impression that I was after the cub. I was thrilled though. It made my day….Well, it was the highlight of my day, until I sat on a snake!”

August   Thielson Creek to Glacier Lake Campsite 15 miles before Skykomish, WA

8-31-02: “I’ve noticed a decline in my energy lately. I don’t know whether it’s because my body is getting weaker or that these last three sections are that much harder….. I keep thinking “How much longer can I do this”? I want the hike to be over, but I don’t want to leave the trail. I go back and forth thinking about how great I’ll feel at the end of the hike when I reach the monument, and then I get thinking I won’t be hiking any more once I reach the U.S./Canadian border.”


Skykomish, Washington to Manning Park, Canada and hiking a skipped section from South Lake Tahoe to Sierra City.

9-7-02: “We arrived at the Lodge to find that there were no rooms. Oh, my heart dropped. I wanted a room! I wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer. I would have slept on the floor in the store and paid a room rate. I just wanted to be warm. The man behind the counter asked if I was Linda Jeffers. He said he had a note for me. Yogi had a room and left a key for me. Thank you Yogi! Bob and I slept in her room, as did Dewey, Baja Dave, Mags, Sam I am, and Ivan. Eight of us in one large room…….It was so much fun!”

Home Pre-Trip Journal