Gottago's CDT 2008 Adventure

Gottago's CDT 2008 Section Hike

It's Spring, and it's time to get back on the trail again. This time I'll be hiking on the Continental Divide Trail. The CDT runs through 4 states: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. I'll be backpacking the state of New Mexico, northbound, beginning at the southern trailhead terminus - Crazy Cook Monument. Once I reach Cumbress Pass, just across the Colorado/Mexico border, I will decide whether to continue hiking Colorado up to Twin Lakes or jump ahead to southern Wyoming and hike the Great Divide Basin from Encampment to South Pass City. The snow levels in Colorado will determine where I'll go after finishing New Mexico.

I've never started a hike as a section hiker before. I've started as a thru-hiker and ended up a section hiker when I quit the trail. My husband and I decided that my backpacking for months on end is too long for us to be apart now that Ray is retired. So, I am backpacking for 2 months and I look forward to enjoying the freedom of not having to "make" miles.

I'm not courageous enough to hike the CDT alone. And, I really just don't enjoy hiking alone anymore. So I am grateful to my hiking partner, LaZorra (Liz Mares), who has taken time off work so we may hike together for a month. We begin our hike around April 30th. Based on our itinerary, LaZorra and I will hike up to Grants, NM, or Cuba, NM (if we make more miles than planned on our itinerary) before she has to leave the trail and return to work.

Last year at Trailfest, TrailDad (Roy Robinson) and I discussed section hiking the CDT together in 2008. Well, I'm happy to report TrailDad and I will partner up on the CDT for the rest of my hike. TrailDad is taking a trip to Italy with his wife while LaZorra and I hike the southern parts of New Mexico. But TrailDad will join me in Grants, NM. From Grants we will continue on further up the CDT into Colorado (if snow permits) or to the Great Basin Divide and wild horses!